Smoky River Runners’ second annual “Frosty Family Run”

Participants in the Frosty Family Run at Lakeview trails.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Smoky River Runners hosted the second annual Frosty Family Run generously sponsored by the Royal Purple Elks in McLennan.

In temperatures that dropped to minus-27, seventeen runners participated in the Smoky River Runners second annual Frost Family Run, on McLennan Family Day, February 17.

The Frosty Family Run, sponsored by McLennan Royal Purple Elks, had a 2.5km circuit and for those with energy to spare there was the 5km circuit.

One very promising young athlete and Smoky River Runners member, eleven-year-old Hailee Campbell was the youngest participant to complete the 5km circuit.

“Seven run club kids all under the age of 11 braved the cold today and did our club proud,” says Smoky River Runners founder Michelle Phillips. “Thank you to all the coaches who ran to inspire the kids plus those who sacrificed their times to run with and encourage other runners. Our variety and depth of coaches shows in our awesome little runners.”

Five-year-old kindergartener, Ivan Gagnon had the distinction of being the youngest runner to participate who, alongside his older sister Tianna, completed the 2.5km circuit.

Beatrice Gallagher, 63yrs also ran the 2.5k with the third fastest overall time.

“Great running by all Smoky River Runners coaches: Crystal Cartwright, Cindy Cloutier, Lana Gagnon, Guy Girard, Allan Paterson and Jolene Sauvageau,” says Michelle Phillips who is also a coach. “They all took part in the run to inspire and encourage runners young and old. Super proud of our little run club and our gritty runners today.”


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