SR reeve cites ‘leadership’ in slashing wages

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The M.D. of Smoky River council is taking a 10 percent pay cut.

At its regular meeting May 13, council voted unanimoulsy to cut meeting honourium and base pay retroactive to April 1.

Reeve Robert Brochu says council wants to show some leadership as many people have suffered pay cuts and job losses in the economic crisis.

“With the way things are going, we’re going to have to make some cuts in our budget and we might as well start with council,” Brochu says.

“A councillor suggested it at the meeting and we all agreed.”

The council of six members holds its regular meetings the second Wednesday of each month in its office in Falher.

The honorarium for each council member for a council meeting drops to $263.54 from $292.84.

For other meetings, each member receives $194.84, down from $210.59.

Base pay for all council members is reduced to $2,544.30 each quarter from $2,827.

On top of the base pay, the reeve gets an additional $878.94 per quarter, down from $976.60.

The deputy reeve figure drops to $393.21 from $436.90.

Honourariums are reviewed by council at its organizational meeting in October.

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