Smoky River Agricultural Society wants your quilts for August fair

One of the exhibits at the 2014 ag society fair.
One of the exhibits at the 2014 ag society fair.

Submitted by Carmen Ewing

Third biannual quilt show at the fair. Every quilt tells a story, what does yours have to say?

Is it the ratted and tattered one the kids used to make castles? Do the grandkids use it now?

Is it the one torn and well-used wrapped in tissue paper at the back of the closet? Is it old or is it new or somewhere in between? Did you make it, did Mom or Aunty make it. Did you buy it a yard sale because …….?

Do you tear up or laugh when you handle it. We want your quilt and its story for a show held in conjunction with the Smoky River Agricultural Society Bench Show. Bring your quilt(s); bring the story, these are not judged but admired by everyone. We will have a fans’ choice for bragging rights. It is for fun and to learn how quilts are being made and used in our region, and in our families.

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