Smoky River will save $100,000+ on fuel tender

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The M.D. of Smoky River council received some good news at its Jan. 13 meeting when they examined tender packages for fuel.

The low tender from UFA will result in council “saving quite a bit of money,” said director of operations Kevin Cymbaluk.

This year, the tender bid for UFA for bulk fuel supply and delivery is $585,998.37 compared to $704,759.88 in 2020 for a significant savings of $118,761.51.

Councillor Donald Dumont was not surprised noting it cost UFA little money to operate.

The only inconvenience to the M.D. is that staff would be asked to fuel up at night to avoid lines during the day but Cymbaluk said it was no problem.

“The low bidder is the low bidder,” said Councillor Donald Gosselin.

“Quite a difference in price,” added Councillor Raoul Johnson.

Prices were not disclosed.

The M.D. will continue to buy its oil at the Petro-Can dealership.

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