Smoky River Palliative Care big winner in ‘Chase the Ace’

Members of the Smoky River Palliative Care Society receive a $3,528 cheque from McLennan Recreation Board president Marie-Anne Jones. Left-right are Rachelle Bérubé, Irene Brassard, Diann Rondeau, Cecile Aubin and Jones. Absent from the photograph are Lucille Leelerc and Cecile Turcotte.

Tom Henihan
South Peace News

McLennan Parks and Recreation Board, “Chase the Ace” began on Jan. 10, and the progressive raffle ended on March 13.

While the Ace of Hearts was not drawn at the final raffle, everyone involved in the Friday night fun, social events came away a winner having had a good night out with friends.

When Chase the Ace began on Jan. 10, it took place upstairs at the H.W. Fish Arena but after a few weeks moved to the Legion Hall to accommodate the growing attendance as the pot increased.

Chase the Ace was set up to create a community social event during the winter and as a collective fundraiser to benefit eight non-profit organizations in McLennan, with these organizations rotating the hosting of the event.

“Our final Chase the Ace evening turned out to be our most successful one yet,” says McLennan Rec Board president, Marie-Anne Jones.

“The Legion was packed with excitement as patrons waited in anticipation to see who would be the lucky nightly winner.”

Jackie Bouchard happened to be that night’s winner guaranteeing her $465 and a chance of winning $3,528 if she picked the Ace of Hearts. However, Bouchard picked the 9 of Clubs, leaving the pot unclaimed.

Because no one drew the Ace of Hearts at the final event, the McLennan Rec Board donated the Chase the Ace $3,528 pot to the Smoky River Palliative Care Society.

The palliative care society raises funds for the purchase of necessary equipment, resources, materials supplies, furniture for terminally ill patients, making their last days as comfortable as possible.

The society also provides support to family members by providing accommodation to those who wish to stay close to their loved ones.

Smoky River Palliative Care Society plan to put the McLennan Rec Board, “Chase the Ace” donation towards purchasing a blanket warmer for terminally ill patients.

“The Smoky River Palliative Care Society is a truly deserving charity that benefits our entire region,” says Marie-Anne Jones. “We wish to thank our volunteers and non-profit societies for making this possible and to each and every one of you who came out to socialize, laugh and donate each week! We are confident we will see you all back next winter.”

Jackie Bouchard held the winning ticket at the final Chase the Ace, giving her a guaranteed $465 and a chance of winning $3,528 if she picked the Ace of Hearts. However, she drew the 9 of Clubs, leaving the Palliative Care Society the big winners.

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