Smoky River governments reducing needless red tape

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Falher town council supports a plan to manage the region’s physician house more efficiently.

At its regular meeting March 15, council approved a motion to allow the Town of McLennan as the managing municipality authorization to complete repairs and maintenance for the physician house.

Falher Mayor Donna Buchinski says the idea was suggested and discussed at a recent regional municipal meeting with representatives of McLennan, Falher, the M.D. of Smoky River and the villages of Donnelly and Girouxville.

“Members agreed it would be easier for the Town of McLennan to manage the property with the authority to do the repairs and maintenance required without prior approval from all five municipalities,” says Mayor Donna Buchinski.

Municipal councils were requested to make a motion on the matter at their next regular council meeting.

“We see the value in the house,” Buchinski says.

The five municipalities co-own the house in McLennan to allow new physicians to make their home as they adjust to their new community.

The house is operated from a reserve of $20,000 from the five municipalities. Rent is forwarded into the reserve.

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