Local Slave Lake resident opens a Brew Supply store

Angela Dana
Angela Dana

Katrina Owens

Earlier this year, Angela Dana had no idea she would soon be starting her own company, but as fate had it, she’s opening the doors to SL Brew Supply this week.

What sparked this venture?

“I started making my own wine last year,” says Dana. “I was brewing so much, and I couldn’t find all the supplies, so I suppose I started to see a need for it then, because there’s nothing like it here. As far as I know, I’m the first one who’s ever opened this sort of business.”

According to Dana, things started off just over a month ago.

“It’s been all-consuming,” she laughs. “So far everything seems to be going good, I’ve learned a lot about the business side of things, and about equipment. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal after all the grunt work is done.”

As the business name indicates, customers will be able to purchase various winemaking kits and brewery supplies in the store.

“At first I’ll start with offering basic ingredients – juices for the wines and malt for beer, and also have starter kits for beginner winemakers,” Dana says. “And that’s just until I can build up my inventory.”

Dana adds, “When I get more settled I’m going to develop a catalog with my base stock of things I will have regularly, and customers can look through that as well.” Because of liquor license restrictions, no actual alcohol will be sold in the store.

“You will have to add the alcohol yourself,” says Dana. “I’ll just be selling the supplies.”

Aside from the in-store portion of SL Brew Supply, Dana says she’ll soon be offering house parties where customers can try homemade wine, and learn how to do it themselves.

“I think it will be a great hit for ladies nights, wedding showers, and occasions like that,” says Dana. “The guests can sample wine I’ve made – dandelion, plum, pear and peach are some of the ones I’ve been brewing. And I’ll explain how to make it, and what equipment is needed.”

Also in the development stage is Dana’s website where customers can order online instead of in person.

“I will be getting that up and running closer to winter,” says Dana. “I’m better working with my hands, so I want to make sure the storefront is ready and steady before working on the website.”

For now, Dana says Facebook/slavelakebrewsupply is the best place for customers to stay updated.

“I’m new to this,” Dana says. “I’ve never done this before, so I’m going over and over everything to make sure its ready. But I think I have all my ducks in a row, and all the lights are green.”

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