Sisters donate lemonade money to local cause

Brooke, Callie and Morgan Giroux, who donated the proceeds from their lemonade stand to the upgrading of Hamelin-Leiding playground in McLennan.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Earlier this summer, three enterprising and community-minded sisters, Brooke, Callie and Morgan Giroux set up a lemonade stand in McLennan.

While a lemonade stand is usually an early sign of the entrepreneurial spirit, the Giroux sisters were demonstrating young peoples’ altruistic spirit, having decided to donate the money they raise to a worthy cause.

Their parents, Carolyn and Leo Giroux stipulated that the kids must donate the proceeds from the venture to a cause they could choose but the parents suggested that a local cause would be best.

The kids decided to donate the money they raised to the refurbishment of Hamelin-Leiding playground in McLennan, as the park needs an upgrade with the structures and equipment showing their age and need to be replaced.

The kids’ recent initiative stemmed from a similar enterprise the Giroux sisters embarked on some years ago, following surgery Callie received at the Stollery Hospital in Edmonton.

During her post-surgery convalescence, Callie was disappointed with the selection of movies offered at the hospital so, following her recovery, Callie and her sisters held a garage sale and sold lemonade to raise money to donate to Stollery, which Callie then visited to personally deliver a selection of new movies for the patients.

Along with being an inspiration to others and lauded by many for their selfless, community spirit, the lemonade stand initiative had a very tangible outcome with the kids donating $106.85 to the McLennan Recreation Board, which oversees the upkeep and renovations at Hamelin-Leiding playground.

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