Shootout! What shootout!

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

You can’t make this stuff up!

There are shootouts, then there are shootouts!

The Grimshaw Huskies and Manning Comets set an NPHL record Jan. 24 in the shootout when the clubs had to complete 16 rounds to decide a winner.

The circumstances are bizarre.

The game ended 5-5 in regulation time and overtime solved nothing. Each side chose their five shooters, and after three shooters each team had scored once: Josh Peters for Grimshaw and Josh Rutherford for Manning.

The next two shooters on each club failed to score so it was down to sudden-death. In the next 10 rounds, not a single player scored. Overall, it was 24 straight shooters and counting.

Grimshaw had run through its entire roster so they started over. Bond Hawryluk failed to score making it 25 failed shooters and counting.

Manning claimed they should be able to start over as Grimshaw did. However, they dressed a full 20 players. With some players not having a turn, Manning was ordered to use their entire roster.

As a result, the disgruntled Comets send defenceman Jake Halderman to the ice. Halderman of no goals scored this season, but he promptly scored to give the Comets a 6-5 win.

As a fitting end to a bizarre situation, Halderman now as the unique statistic of scoring a game-winning this season despite not being credited with a goal scored.

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