Shaftesbury to get playground equipment and new water rate to match Dixonville

Peace River’s 103 St playground equipment is being moved to Shaftesbury

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

The Shaftesbury playground in Peace River is being replaced by equipment from the 103 St. playground.

The 103 St. playground is being removed to allow the old water reservoir next to the playground to be decommissioned and removed. Once construction is done and the reservoir is replaced, 103 St. will get a new playground.

The playground equipment at 103 St. is less than 10 years old.

“It’s in excellent condition, so it was more fiscally responsible to reuse that equipment. It’s like new almost,” Tanya Bell with Peace River community services told town council at their regular meeting on June 10.

The Town consulted experts who said if the equipment was left in storage it would warp, another reason for the Town to move the existing equipment over to Shaftesbury where it can be used. As a result the Shaftesbury playground will be upgraded from wood equipment a year earlier than planned.

Work is also almost completed on a roughly $39 million project to connect to the Town of Peace River’s water supply to Dixonville. The County of Northern Lights received $31 million in provincial funding towards the project, which will carry water along 61km of pipe from Peace River to Dixonville and include two truck fill stations along the route.

Town council discussed what to charge Dixonville for water now that the Dixonville area will become a customer of the town’s water treatment system. Council decided to take administration’s suggestion to charge Dixonville 84.7% of the prevailing town water rate to serve 76 residential properties at 16.5 cubic metres per month per connection, and 108% of the town’s rate for any volume of water above that amount, such as for bulk water stations.

“That just matches our bulk water rate so there is no incentive for people to game the system,” said Mayor Tom Tarpey.

Council also made the decision to increase Shaftesbury’s water co-op rates to match those that will be charged to Dixonville.

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