Seniors Fun Day winds up with successful event at Club Etoile in Girouxville

Carpet Bowling – First prize: left to right: Diane Dentinger,(skip) Yvette Laflamme, Rita Ouellette and Henriette Turcotte

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

We had a very successful Fun Day with 80 participants: 44 for crib, 32 for carpet bowling (8 teams) and 4 for pool.

The final get-together for the Smoky River region Seniors Fun Days took place in Girouxville on March 14.

“We had a very successful Fun Day with 80 participants: 44 for crib, 32 for carpet bowling (8 teams) and 4 for pool,” says organizer and Club Etoile President, Cecile Brulotte.

The annual cribbage, snooker and carpet bowling tournaments happen on consecutive Thursdays for 4 weeks, rotating between the Golden Age Club in McLennan, Club Des Pionniers in Donnelly, Club Alouette in Falher and at the Club Etoile, Girouxville.

The Club Etoile was a full day, beginning at 10am and running until the carpet-bowling tournament finished going towards 4pm.

Carpet Bowling first Place team are skip Diane Dentinger, Yvette Laflamme, Rita Ouellette and Henriette Turcotte.

Carpet Bowling second place team, skip Dian Rondeau, Cecile Dickner, Frank Tries and Pierrette L’abbé.

Carpet Bowling third place team, skip Chris Futter, Norma Sobolowski, Paul Dubrule and Denis Hawthorn.

The crib tournament winners are Doris Ouellette and Denise Lanctot (1st place), Jacquiline Purcha and Gilbert Johnson (2nd place) and Olga Johnston, Annie Blackhurst (High Prairie), Eveline Henley and Angele Blanchette (3rd place)

The Snooker tournament winners are Charles Mackell (1st place), Marcel Trudeau (2nd place) and Guy Gosselin (3rd place).

The Seniors Fun Day events also include lunch and a number of door prizes.

On the week preceding the Club Etoile event in Girouxville, sixty-seven people attended the Seniors Fun Day at Club Des Pionniers with two people visiting from High Prairie and two from Eaglesham.

The carpet bowling winners at the Club Des Pionniers event were, (1st place) Roger Lambert, Eduard Brulotte, Roland Desharnais and Romeo Cinq-Mars.

(2nd place) Diane Dentinger, Yvette Laflamme, Henriette Turcotte and Rita Ouellette.

(3rd place) Cecile Lambert, Monique Brulotte, Rita St Arneault and Jeannine Desharnais.

The winners of the Club de Pionniers cribbage tournament are (1st prize) Rene Rouleau and Philip Gosselin.

Second place, John Lalonde and Jean Blackburn – 3rd place Ginette St. Laurent and Mariette Cloutier

The winners of the pool tournament are Charles Mackell (1st) Gilbert Maisonneuve (2nd ) and Dave Champion (3rd)

The Club de Pionniers luch consisted of shepherd’s Pie, green salad, coleslaw and homemade buns along with an extensive variety of deserts and coffee.

Door prizes ranging from $50 to $25 were present to four lucky winners and Florence Lamarche won the a $185 fifty/fifty prize.

Carpet Bowling – Second prize: left to right: Cecile Dickner, Frank Tries, Pierrette L’abbé and Dian Rondeau(skip)
Pool winners: From Left: Marcel Trudeau (2nd place) and Charles Mackell (1st place) missing Guy Gosselin (3rd place)
Crib winners – Left to Right: Olga Johnston, Annie Blackhurst, Eveline Henley and Angele Blanchette (3rd place) Jacquiline Purcha (2nd place) and Doris Ouellette (1st place) absent are Gilbert Johnson (2nd place) and Denisse Lanctot (1st place)
Carpet Bowling – Third prize: left to right: Norma Sobolowski, Paul Dubrule, Denis Hawthorn and Chris Futter (skip)


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