School News – Students triumph over teachers — in volleyball!

Oscar Courtorielle, left, and Aryaman Kukreja stand beside PRJH’s Cree word wall. Students are learning Cree words during the year and adding to the word wall all year as they learn other Cree words.

PRJH Staff
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This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School.
Please remember this week is Teachers’ Convention. No school on Feb. 8-10.
In Grade 8 Science, the students have been learning about the body systems and cell structures of animals. This has helped them better understand their observations when dissecting frogs. A great way to learn how a body works!
To finish their Short Story Unit, teacher Karissa Jackman had Indigenous Coach Jamie Chalifoux visit our Grade 7 Language Arts classes. He explained the purpose of traditional oral story-telling and then told several lovely Indigenous stories to the students. The students really enjoyed listening.
Then, students took many of the key words from each story and created a Cree word wall on our bulletin. This way, the students can continue to add to the word wall all year as we learn other Cree words.
Wear Your Braids Day will be happening Feb. 6-7 and will be dedicated to hair teachings. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the power, symbolism and cultural importance of hair to the Indigenous community. On Feb. 7, students and staff are encouraged to braid their hair and wear it with pride.
Please join us for our Feb. 15 Family Night from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Beef stew and bannock will start the night off. There will be activities and presentations to families by our divisional career coaches.
If you and your child are thinking about what comes after PRJH, please come and talk to Ken Janzen and Katie Ellwood to find out what is possible in the coming years. Teachers will be available to meet with families. There will be much visiting as has been the case at our last two events. We hope to see many families there!
Sunday, Jan. 29, there were staff from PRJH who came and learned to create their own ribbon skirts.
Participants started at 8:30 a.m. and the last staff went home at 5 p.m. Participants admired, measured and cut all the material and ribbons that staff picked to work with. There was laughing and fun. Each participant went home with their ribbon skirt completed.
Instructor Brenda Coulombe would like to send a shout out to Tina Isadore who provided Brenda’s option class with a video about ribbon skirt intentions. Everyone is very excited to wear their skirts the first chance they get!


The girls volleyball team won three games against the staff. Both teams worked hard to try to win.
The staff team brought in teachers Kelly Carlson and Kim Elliot to play on the team and help them out! It was lots of fun to watch! Thanks goes to the Leadership option for thinking up this great school spirit activity.
Leadership’s next event will be selling candy grams and delivering them Feb. 14 for $1 each.


PR would like to say a huge thank you to the High Prairie Native Friendship Centre for providing generous financial support for our Options programming. Thanks to the centre, our students are fully funded to take part in Shinny, Swimming Lessons/Lifeguard Prep, and Art.
We will continue to fundraise for other student needs, but the Native Friendship Centre funding has allowed some amazing options for students, at no cost to families!
Snack Prep with teacher Paula Taylor: Snack Prep will guide you in yummy snack making you can do easily from home. Students will put together a cookbook as their project.
Shinny with teacher Jaime Erasmus-Perley: Students will need to have and bring your skates, helmet, gloves and sticks. You will walk to the arena and have ice time from 2-3 p.m. every Day 1. Trent Lizee will be on the ice with you to enjoy a fun game of shinny.
Sewing with teacher Brenda Coulombe: This term, after the students learn to use the sewing machines, we will be making a midi bag. Cutting, ironing and sewing together a bag that the students will be taking home.

Canteen menu

The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen!
Here are the choices for the next 2 weeks: Feb. 13 – hamburger hash on rice; Feb. 14 – pancakes with a fruit cup; Feb. 15 – chicken alfredo with coleslaw; Feb. 16 – chef salad; Feb. 17 – pizza day; Feb. 21 – chicken noodle soup with bun; Feb. 22 – cheeseburger with tossed salad; Feb. 23 – taco salad; Feb. 24 – pizza day.
At the canteen students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay by please transferring to
This has been the news report from PRJH.

Left-right are Larkin Stokes, Colin Rattray, Troy Runzer, Kim Elliot and Keya Willier in the staff vs students volleyball game at Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie. PRJH’s girls volleyball team won all three games against the staff.

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