School News – Students make baskets for Women’s Shelter

Sloan Chapman
Sophie Oliver
HPE Reporters

This is Sophie Oliver and Sloan Chapman reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School!
During Art, Grade 3/4S students will paint clay pots and plant a flower in each of their pots. Grade 3/4S has also been working hard to learn poems, a song and will each create a card to take over to the residents at Pleasantview Lodge during a visit.
Grade 3S students will begin to explore India, by comparing their way of life to our own and by tasting local dishes. Grade 4S students will continue to explore the impact that European explorers have had on the history of Alberta.
Students in Grade 3L are so excited to have a class pet gerbil! They decided to name it Mr.Dibbles.
Grade 5P students are quite the chemists! Their first experiment was a success and produced some shiny results. Next, they excitedly created carbon dioxide gas to inflate a balloon.
Grade 5/6C government students have been very busy. They were able to fill six big baskets for the Sucker Creek Women’s Shelter. Many students and staff brought in new items to put into the baskets. Grade 5P’s Kindness Club donated money for more items to be bought to add to the baskets. What a wonderful spirit everyone showed in creating these baskets. Thanks goes to Cor Goulet for delivering them to the shelter.
This week in 5/6C, The Grade 6 girls will be drawing the winning ticket for the cuddle quilt raffle. If your child hasn’t bought a ticket yet, this is your last chance. The draw is on Thursday, May 12! All the proceeds will go to the High Prairie Food Bank and In the Woods Animal Shelter.
Many staff members and students were wearing hats for Mental Health Day last week. Always remember to Sharpen Your Saw, Keep Yourself Healthy. You are important! Check your mental health. How are you doing? Phone a friend and chat, read a book, soak in a tub. Your mental health is very important!
The Grade 5 students are harvesting red willow to create dream catchers later this month. Joyce Hunt is again sharing her wonderful skills with the teachers and students.
The students are going to Driftpile to harvest sap this week as well. It is going to be a busy and fun learning week!
We hope all the moms, grandmothers, kukums and aunties had a great Mother’s Day! Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P would like to send out a special thank-you to Shelley Griffiths at Tiger Lily Spas for helping us create wonderful Salt Slushies for those special ladies!
HPE is at it again! Spell-A-Thon time!
The Spell-A-Thon packages went home last week. The test will be on May 17. The pledge money will be due on June 2. Funds raised will be used for in-line skating, swimming and field trips. So, if you know a child attending HPE, ask them about the Spell-A-Thon and maybe consider sponsoring them!
The Grade 6 students have come home with the Provincial Achievement Test [PAT] schedules for this year. The tests are creeping up fast. Please make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a healthy breakfast before coming to school.
The Art Sale that Grade 5/6C held was a great success. We were able to raise money to donate to the High Prairie Legion for the Fallen Soldiers wall. A wonderful lady, Danielle Marx, bought lots of the art work and put it up for display in the hospital. If you would like to see some talented artists, check out the halls in the hospital. Thanks to all who bought the student’s creative work!
Staff had a great time playing basketball against the HPE Thunderbirds team last week. It is up to interpretation as to who won, but there was a lot of cheering and yelling each time anyone made a basket. This fun game elevated HPE’s school spirit greatly. It was the first time in three years we were able to have a competitive game between the two groups. Well done, HPE!
HPE received a certificate in the mail for our work with No Stone Left Alone. Before COVID, teacher Brenda Coulombe had set up other schools to start participating. She is really hoping that those schools will still be interested in participating. If they are, please call HPE and chat with Coulombe.
This has been Sophie Oliver and Sloan Chapman reporting to you from HPE!

HPE received its No Stone Left Alone certificate in the mail last week. The program encourages students to place poppies at the graves of Veterans.

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