School News – Students learn from Iroquois Elder

High Prairie Elementary School Grade 5/6C students Judeah Gilroy, front, and Danica Doucette work on their Math quilt. Missing is Tyra Shantz. When completed, the girls will hold a raffle for the quilt. Please see more in the HPE School news.

Luke Sorfleet
HPE Reporter

This is Luke reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Kindergarten has had an ‘egg’cellent week! Students have painted, coloured, and created eggs. They also read How to Catch the Easter Bunny and have devised a few traps in hopes of learning the answers to their questions and the secret behind why the Easter Bunny’s chocolate tastes sooooo good!
In Grade 2CL, students have been working hard to polish their skills and get ready for next year. In fact, students already think of themselves as “almost Grade 3s” right now! They are busy setting goals and working to achieve them. Right now, students are having fun with addition and subtraction timed practice, and are getting faster at knowing their Math facts every day!
Grade 6 students across High Prairie School Division were invited to join a virtual presentation given by Elder Ray John from London, Ont. Ray John spoke about the structure of the Iroquois clans, how they were governed by the women, and about how the Iroquois lived in longhouses in the past. He spoke about how during first contact the English refused to speak with the women and would only speak with the men. It was put into the Indian Act that women had no rights.
Ray John also spoke for part of his presentation in his native tongue as he addressed the students. Many students had lots of questions to ask during his presentation. He was full of information he shared with the students. He also spoke about the creation of the Wampum Belt and told the story that the belt represents.
In Science, Grade 3/4S students are building a device that will contain a robot. This device will require a waterproof cover and must propel their robot in a table of water. Students will run the robot from an iPad using an app coding program.
During Music, the following students have been a great help to substitute teacher Yvonne Killeen: Blake Doucette and Oliver Fors from Grade 4D, Sophie Delorme and Allison Cox from Grade 5P, Danica Doucette, August Willcott and Judeah Gilroy from Grade 5/6C, and Niya Mouallem and Nevaeh Willier from Grade 6M. Killeen says these students are great helpers and it is greatly appreciated.
In Grade 5/6C the Grade 6 girls, Danica Doucette, Judea Gilroy and Tyra Shantz, are hard at work with their Math. They have figured out, using fractions and decimals, the measurements for completing a cuddle quilt. Last week, they spent their Math classes, learning to cut the material and sew the quilt together. They had a chat with Marla Willier, better known in quilting circles as, “The Crazy Quilter”. Willier said she will machine quilt the cuddle quilt for them. The students’ next step will be to figure out an in-house raffle for the quilt. They will organize the amount of the tickets, creating and printing the tickets, as well as distribution of the tickets to each classroom. They will make announcements and posters for the raffle. With the help of the Grade 5/6C Ministry of Community Services, they will decide where the money raised will go. You’ve got to love Math!
HPE had their first in-person assembly in two years last week! The Grade 1 students were in charge of the event. With lots of practice and some help from their Grade 5/6C Buddies, the Grade 1s did a great job. Teachers Roberta Barrons and Melissa Isaac should be very proud of their students!
This has been Luke reporting to you from HPE!

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