School News – Students filling baskets for women’s shelter

Students in Grade 5P and Grade 5/6C enjoyed Metis dot painting last week. Left-right are student Tyra Shantz, Indigenous coach Cor Goulet, and student Sophie Oliver with their Metis dot paintings.

Evan Douglas
HPE Reporters

This is Raeanne and Evan reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
A big thank you to teachers Chris Langlois, Penny Johansson and Melissa Isaac for coaching the Thunder- birds Grade 5/6 basketball team.
They had a great game against Prairie River Junior High School. Even though PRJH looked like giants, the HPE Thunderbirds held their own. HPE had as dedicated cheering section, too! Well done, Thunderbirds!
Grade 2R has been learning about Easter traditions in our community. Students are excited to see what their families are doing for Easter. They are also looking forward to their K-Grade 3 special person launch. See you Wednesday!
HPE is once again collecting items to fill baskets for the Sucker Creek Women’s Shelter. It has been awhile since HPE has been able to do this and Grade 5/6C students are very excited. The students are asking for new items such as combs, hairbrushes, scrunchies, pony ties, barrettes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and cozy socks to put in the baskets.
If you are able to send in any of these items with your child, Grade 5/6C students will collect them and add them to the baskets. They will be collecting from now until May 4. Thank you for helping our students learn the value of supporting their community.
Grade 5/6C also has another community spirited activity. As you may have read in an earlier South Peace News newspaper, the Grade 6 girls in 5/6C used their Math skills to figure out all the material that was needed to create a cuddle quilt. Then they learned to sew and iron. They then gave their quilt to Marla Willier, who machine quilted it for them. They are now ready to hold their in-house raffle. If your child would like to buy a ticket, their teacher will have some in their classroom. The tickets are $1 each. The winning ticket will be pulled on May 12 at our school office.
The Grade 5/6 government ministers have chosen the High Prairie Food Bank and In the Woods Animal Shelter as the community organizations that will receive the money raised. Teacher Brenda Coulombe is very proud of all the work that the girls did to organize this raffle. They learned lots of Math and many other life skills in the process.
In Grade 3L, students have worked so hard this year to know their multiplication fact. Last week, they challenged a Grade 6 class from Slave Lake to a multiplication challenge and won! Hard work always pays off!
In Literacy, Grade 3/4S students started a reader’s theater sequence. Within this sequence, students will play the part of character while analyzing the story. Learners will share what they are wondering, make connections, predictions and summarize the story. They will have the opportunity to identify the lesson in the story and connect the lesson to their lives. Finally, students will put on a performance, act out their play.
The students from Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P learned about Metis dot art last week. Indigenous coach Cor Goulet came into the classes and talked with the students about Metis dot art. The students learned that Metis artists like to use flowers, leaves, and insects when creating their designs.
Goulet then gave the students special black paper and four different colours of paints. The students followed the design on their black paper and then added to the design. Wonderful artwork was created by the students.
Thanks, Cor, for yet another interesting, informative session to go with our Land-Based Learning about Indigenous, Metis, and Inuit life.
This has been Raeanne and Evan reporting to you from HPE!

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