School News – PRJH students rewarded for hard work

Students from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie who achieved honours or honourable mention status went bowling at Enilda Bowling Alley last week nad had an enjoyable time. In the front row, left-right, are Zaida Quevillon, Hannah Copeland, Niya Mouallem, Brodee Ellwood- Shewchuk, and Alia Sherkawi. In the middle row, left-right, are Danika Sauve, Heaven Payou, Aryaman Kukreja (AK), Danica Doucette, Tyra Shantz, Hadley Gray, Katelyn Cox, Zoey Peacock, Olianna Stone, and Hayden Douglas. In the back row, left-right, are Lesley Brule, Dahlia Allan, Elly Belesky, Abby Bilyk, Leland Potvin, Madina Sharkawi, Reid Oliver, Callie Calahasen, Nicholas Rich, Noah Farnell, Payton Caouette, Eliza Sampson-Webber, Rossie Milsap, Serena Mearon, Ryder Peters, Konnor Krystal, Levi Bilyk, Gage McNabb, Rebekah Strebchuk.

PRJH Staff
For South Peace News

This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School from High Prairie.
Last week, the honours students as well as the students who received honourable mention went on an afternoon trip to the Enilda Bowling Alley.
At PRJH, honour students include those who attain a 75 per cent average or higher. Honourable mention students are students who didn’t reach the 75 per cent average but they may have a great work ethic, a wonderful attitude or have greatly-improved their behaviour or attendance. Thirty-three of the 40-plus students went for the afternoon of fun!
The Grade 7 students have been practising their public speaking for the past month. They wrote a speech during their Enrichment class that they practised. Last week, the Grade 7 students participated in public speaking during their Enrichment classes. In 7C, Kayle Payou-Young, Kalliope Wong and Hannah Copeland did a great job with their speeches.
Teacher Brenda Coulombe would like to thank pre-service teacher Terra Shantz and Annika Sware for coming in and helping to judge the students. The three students won a certificate and prize for all their hard work and their willingness to get up and talk.
Presenter Lindsay Willier met with all three Grade 8 classes and talked about positive self talk. She spoke about the fact that your most important relationship is with yourself. For every negative thing you say about yourself, you need to repeat something positive three times in a row. It is part of retraining your brain to think positively about yourself.
Finding your skill and what you enjoy doing also help your self-esteem. When you learn those skills, it can improve your confidence. When you are being physically active, your body releases happy hormones. These hormones can really help you feel better about yourself.
Her statement that, “Happiness doesn’t come from someone else, it comes from how you see yourself.” was a very important point for all the Grade 8 students to hear and more importantly believe.
Later that afternoon Willier also presented to the whole school. She repeated this message to the whole student body and got them all up and moved around by teaching them a few Round Dance moves.
Science Fair is coming to PRJH! March 31, the gym will be very busy with Grade 8 students showing their projects.
In teacher Brenda Coulombe’s sewing option, Class 4 of the students helped create two quilts. Coulombe is a member of the High Prairie Quilt Guild. The Guild spent a Saturday creating quilts for the 13 Ukrainian children who moved into the High Prairie area. These four students, Zaida Quevillon, Sage Pasqua, Hadley Gray and Julia Fulton Prince stopped working on their own project to work on these special quilts.


After try-outs the PRJH badminton team has been chosen. There will be three levels of teams: Girls and Boys Junior, Girls and Boys Intermediate and Girls and Boys Senior teams. We are looking forward to a fun and interesting badminton season.


Yoga: Follow Youtube yoga instructors to learn ways to relax, ground, stretch, and calm ourselves. There is potential to bring in a local yoga instructor as a guest.
Floor Hockey: Troy Runzer – in this option we will be learning how to play floor hockey. Students will work on improving their floor hockey skills in a safe environment. Students will work on their skills to prepare for a tournament.
Arts and Crafts: Kayla Rae – Students will be learning about the elements and foundations of art and applying them to create artistic pieces through mixed medium, paints, pastels, pencil, sculpture and printmaking. Students will also be studying some of the masters of art and replicating styles and pieces developed by the famous artists of our world. Students will be given the opportunity to complete some “Do It Yourself” projects that will showcase some of the art techniques they have learned.


The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen. Here are the choices for the next two weeks:
March 20 – chef salad; March 21 – chicken nuggets with Caesar salad; March 22 – cheeseburger with salad; March 23 – pizza day; March 27 – hamburger hash on rice; March 28- beef stew with a bun; March 29 – cheesy ham/veg. on pasta; March 30 – sweet and sour meatballs on rice; March 31 – pizza day.
At the canteen, students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay. Contact PRJH at (780) 523-4418 for details.
This has been the news report from PRJH.

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