School News – PRJH students learning polite way to argue

PRJH Grade 8 students search for veterans. Left-right are Brock Badger and Lucas Anderson as part of the No Stone Left Alone project.

PRJH Staff

This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie.
Basketball is in full swing. The boy’s team has been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday. They are working hard at becoming a great team.

Student awards

The honours students were treated to a movie at the Park Theater last week. They were able to see the movie, Avatar: The Way of Water.
Raider’s December Month Awards:
Artistic – Emmalynn Patenaude
Athletic – Davin Greene
Responsible – Brodee Ellwood Shewchuk
Respectful – Jaime Lamouche
Reliable – Lesley Brule
The Grade 8 students are starting their research for their debate topic. teacher Brenda Coulombe has discussed with them the difference between fact and opinion. The students have chosen to work independently or with a partner. They have chosen their issue. The twist is they must research both sides of the issue because they don’t know which side they will have to defend. This will be a month-long process of researching and learning how to debate.
Yes, there is a polite way to argue and the students will be learning it!


Archery is taught by teacher Larkin Stokes. Students will learn in the gym the sport of archery. Students will learn the safety progressions of archery first, so students have a safe environment to compete. Through practice students will learn how to shoot a bow from a variety of distances at a target.
Soapstone is taught by teacher Brenda Coulombe. Students will research Inuit soapstone carving. Students will find pictures of the type of animal they will be carving. They will then learn the art of carving soapstone. Bring a large old button-up shirt to wear while you are carving.
Drawing is taught by teacher Karissa Jackman. Whether you can draw a straight line, a stick figure or an amazing piece of art, if you enjoy drawing, then this is the option for you. You are free to spend this time in the classroom drawing anything your heart desires; no matter how simple or complex.

Canteen menu

The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen. Here are the choices for the next two weeks: Jan. 18 – perogy with garlic sausage; Jan. 19 – chicken soup with bun; Jan. 20 – pizza day; Jan. 23 – beef stew; Jan. 24 – chicken pot pie with a veggie bag; Jan. 25 – soft taco with coleslaw; Jan. 26 – beef stir fry with rice; Jan. 27 – pizza day.
At the canteen students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay by transferring to
This has been the news report from PRJH.

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