School News – PRJH students enjoy time with HPE “K” class

HPE kindergarten student Eros Willier, left, and PRJH Grade 8 student Darrianna Willier work with glitter and glue.

PRJH Staff
For South Peace News

This is the news from Prairie River junior High School in High Prairie.
We are very proud of Jamie Chalifoux, our Indigenous Coach at PRJH! He was given recognition at the Okimaw Awards by receiving the Knowledge Keepers Award in Edmonton in November. This award is given to Indigenous men who demonstrate qualities which align with Indigenous culture and practices.
The students in 8C Health went to spend time with their kindergarten buddies at High Prairie Elementary School. There was a lot of glue and glitter! The Grade 8s helped the kindergarten students with their tree decorating and they helped a few students write their Santa letters. Students hope to go back to HPE in the new year when the weather is a little warmer for walking!
PJ Day and hot chocolate were a big success. Who knew there were so many styles of onesies? Hot chocolate was great on a cold day. Thanks goes to the Students Leadership Group who organized these events.
On Dec. 9, the Grade 8s at PRJH attended the High Prairie Regional Aquatic Centre for boat races. The students were given cardboard and duct tape as materials and constructed a boat. Students were tasked to paddle using their hands and stay afloat in their boat for the full length of the pool. Though many boats sank, the students had a blast and learned about buoyancy.
Congratulations to the group of Levi Bilyk, Gage McNabb, and Ryder Peters for placing first.
Also, congratulations to Samson Anderson, and Rylee Letendre for placing second.
Thank you to the High Prairie Regional Aquatic Center for allowing the students to participate in this fun, educational experience.
Last week, the students were able to have a great Friday afternoon. As well, our students/staff had a Christmas dinner with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and dessert. This was followed by an activity afternoon including activities at the arena, swimming pool, gym activities, movies, etc.

Family Night

Family Night was a great success. There was chili supper, games, the band played, parents chatted with teachers and so much more.
PRJH sure knows how to put on a great night!


Junior Band is taught by teacher Collin Rattray. This course is intended to provide students with the necessary skill set to discover and pursue a passion for music through instrumental music. Students will select one concert band instrument to perform on for the duration of the year, wherein they will learn the necessary musical abilities and techniques to perform various concert band works and to further develop their skills as a musician.
If you are not in this band option through the year, you will not be eligible for the trip to Grande Prairie.
Basketball is taught by teacher Cheyenne Simms. Students will work on basketball skills and drills. Students will also have the opportunity to play some basketball related games. This is extra helpful for the students who are also on the basketball team.
Astronomy is taught by teacher Brad Corless. Students will examine the stars and what we know about the solar system, galaxy and beyond. Students will learn to identify constellations and play around with astronomical navigation (finding your way with the stars).
In the sewing option, teacher Brenda Coulombe would like to thank Joceyln Runzer for all the help with the heat bags. Coulombe also thanks all the people who bought heat bags to help support the sewing class. The class will be continuing to create the bags throughout January, so if you would like one let us know.
From all of the students and staff at PRJH, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will see you on Jan. 3 when we return to school. Have a great holiday!
This has been the news report from PRJH.

Samson Anderson on the raft, Hayden Douglas in the boat and Zaida Quevillon in the water.
Memphis Anderson in the boat, Kaleb Halverson pushing, Lucas Anderson in the boat with Samson Anderson and Tyson Ladouceur pushing.

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