School News – PRJH Raiders win silver at volleyball zones

The Prairie River boy’s volleyball team won silver medals at zones. Left-right are Nicholas Rich, Davin Greene, Samson Anderson, Reid Oliver, Levi Bilyk, Liam Lamason, Leland Potvin, and coach Larkin Stokes. In front is Renard Nava.

PRJH Staff

This is Metis Week! There is lots going on at the school! We hope to have information and pictures for you next week about what happened at PRJH.
Last week, teacher Cheyenne Simms organized a Remembrance Day assembly. It was great to see in-person veterans attend again. Brenda Coulombe’s Grade 8 classes wrote letters to High Prairie veterans to let them know they are remembering the sacrifices that were made. Jamie Chalifoux came in to Coulombe’s Grade 8 classes and talked about the Cree Code Talkers. Many veterans did amazing things during the war. These soldiers, a few from around the High Prairie area, became Cree Code Talkers and helped create unbreakable codes used during the war.
The deadline is coming!
PRJH School is collecting items for Christmas Shoeboxes. We are looking for non-perishable items to fill the boxes for children in impoverished countries. We are looking for the follow types of items: crayons, markers, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, small notebooks, small colouring books, brushes, combs, hair ponies, hair clips, socks, small toys (non-war toys), anything a child between 1-14 years might like. Please remember that the items need to fit into a small shoebox.
Last year with High Prairie Elementary School’s help, we filled 56 boxes. We are happy to say that HPE will again be joining us with this venture, so if you have children over there please send items their way as well.
Pencils and erasers seemed to have disappeared fast. Would you please check with your child and ask just how many they have left in their lockers to work with? It is part of being prepared for class to have both their binders and pencils brought to each class. Ask them how they are doing with this task.

Student awards

Student Awards were given out last week during the assembly.
First, the 3R Awards went to: Respect – Katelyn Cox; Responsible – Niya Mouallem; Reliable – Leeah Russell.
The 3A Awards went to: Athletic – Samson Anderson; Artistic – Oscar Courtorielle; Academic – Leland Potvin.
Staff Appreciation went to: Teachers Karissa Jackman, Paula Taylor, Keith Davidson and EA Mykala Headrick.
Attendance Awards went to: Abby Bilyk, Rebekah Strebchuk, Aryaman Kukreja, Neveah Willier, Yana Kovalenko, Renard Nava, Saige Payou, Leland Potvin, Jayden Steinhauer, and Tyra Shantz.
The senior and junior high bands both played two songs during the assembly. They are doing great!
Our parent/teacher Interviews will take on a new form after the success of our open house and awards night. “Family Night” will happen on Wednesday, Nov. 16, and our PRJH School Band will be playing! Frankie Hyde and friends will cook supper for families. Then, students and families can take part in a blend of fun activities (ping pong, Foosball, volleyball, etc.), as well as have an opportunity to book time with teachers to discuss student progress.
Throughout the night we will have a bunch of Chromebooks set up that parents and guardians can use to sign onto Parent Maplewood (our student information software) with the help of our HPSD tech department. Once parents and guardians are set up, they will be able to check their child’s progress in all of their classes at any time.
Come and chat with our amazing PRJH School Council members (and PRJH Travel Club executives, too) to find out all about the great support parents are providing to our students. Of course, there will be more information on Restorative Practices as well. We hope to see a large crowd once again!

Sharlie Zabolotniuk


New student teacher university student, Sharlie Zablotniuk was interviewed and asked why she wants to become a teacher.
“I want to help children with learning, life and whatever they may need.”
Zabolotniuk is going to University Of Alberta to get her education degree. Before working at PRJH she was an EA at HPE. Her favourite part about teaching is building connections and relationships with students. She chose to teach at PRHJ because she wanted more of a challenge working with older students than she had before.
Outside of school, student teacher Zabolotniuk enjoys reading, golf, playing volleyball, curling and playing with her dog. Zabolotniuk will be working with us until Dec. 9. She will be back in February.


Both girls and boys volleyball teams played in Peace Zones last weekend in Peace River.
The boys brought home the silver medal. The girls played well but did not make it to finals.
Now the Raiders are on to basketball season.


Options are going into the second quarter. Last week your child picked different options for this quarter. Ask them what they are in during this quarter. We will have information on the different options offered in future news reports.


Here are the choices for the next two weeks. At the canteen students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay by transferring to
Nov. 15 – Chicken Alfredo with coleslaw; Nov. 16 – Chicken Strips with Caesar Salad; Nov. 17 – Taco Salad; Nov. 18 – Pizza Day; Nov. 21 – Potato Soup; Nov. 22 – Chicken Burgers; Nov. 23 – Beef Stew with a bun; Nov. 24 – Pizza Day.
This has been the news report from PRJH!

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