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Students and staff at PRJH showed their support for National Ribbon Skirt Day Jan. 4 by wearing their ribbon skirts. Left-right are PRJH students Olianna Stone, Virgel Cunningham, Leeah Russell, Eliza Samson-Webber, and Emmalynn Patenaudde.

PRJH Staff
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This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie.
The students and staff at PRJH showed their support for National Ribbon Skirt Day Jan. 4 by wearing their ribbon skirts. Some of the students wearing their skirts were made in their option class. Many of the beautiful skirts were handmade or gifted. Each with its own story.
Many of the students and staff also talked about the intentions of the ribbon skirt by watching a video featuring Tina Isadore from Driftpile First Nation talking about ribbon skirts. Many students and staff also talked about Isabella Kulak, the young girl who brought about the National Ribbon Skirt Day.

Sewing Club

The PRJH Sewing Club is happy to say they sold 24 heat bags! The club has about six left if anyone is still interested in purchasing one.
We would also like to announce that Jocelyn Pugh-Runzer was the winner of our beautiful lap quilt.
The club would like to thank all the people who supported us by buying heat bags or quilt tickets!
And – again! – we would like to thank Marla Willier for being kind enough to quilt it for us!

Grade 8 Reading Challenge

In Grade 8 Language Arts, teacher Brenda Coulombe held a Reading Challenge. All the Grade 8 students decided how many books they would be able to read and write a critique about. The three classes then had six weeks to reach their goal. Grade 8C read and wrote critiques on 37 novels, Grade 8A read and wrote about 21 novels, Grade 8B read and wrote about 14 novels.
Each time a student wrote a critique they put their name into a draw. One name was picked from each class and that student won a very creative candy wreath made by the wonderful Dutch Degner!
The winning class was Grade 8C who had extra gym time. Winners of the wreaths were Faith Bruneau-Lepine from Grade 8C, Holter Lefthand from Grade 8A and Gage McNabb from Grade 8B.

Health Class

The Grade 8C Health class is working on their community service right now. Teacher Brenda Coulombe is a huge supporter of No Stone Left Alone. This is the placing of poppies on gravestones of local veterans.
A few years ago Coulombe, along with the help of Stella Sware and Ray Coulombe, located and tagged all the veterans in St Mark’s Cemetery. Grade 8C is in the process of finding and labeling all the veterans in McCue Cemetery and St Paul’s Catholic Cemetery. The students will then be writing letters to different schools to ask them to pick one of the cemeteries and participate in the No Stone Left Alone next November.

Math Attack

Seven PRJH students took part in a Math Attack Challenge at the University of Alberta Dec. 17.
PRJH students were joined by approximately 100 students from Edmonton and across Northern Alberta, to work on Math challenges in teams of three. Two of our teams were two-person teams, so the organizers added one student Mathlete from other schools to each Raider team, so that the maximum number of Mathletes could compete.
Students worked on Math problems for approximately four hours. Our Raider teams represented themselves and our school very well! This was our first in-person Math competition. Thanks to teacher Kyla Rae for leading our Mathletics Club, as well as organizing our participation in this event.


Boy’s basketball has started practicing again!
The annual Rim Rocker home tournament will be this Friday and Saturday, between PRJH and E.W. Pratt schools. Come cheer on our teams!

Canteen menu

The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen. Here are the choices for the next two weeks: Jan. 11 – hotdogs with chili; Jan. 12 – chicken burger with Caesar salad; Jan. 13 – pizza day; Jan. 16 – hamburger soup with bun; Jan. 17 – pancakes with sausage and a fruit cup; Jan. 18, perogy with garlic sausage; Jan. 19 – chicken soup with a bun; Jan. 20 – pizza day.
At the canteen students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay by please transferring
to prsaccounting@
This has been the news report from PRJH.

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