School News – Little sleuths in the making at HPE

HPE’s Kindergarten “J” class enjoyed a visit with Lakeshore Regional Police Service last week. In the photo are Archie Collins, Noah Alook, Leighton Wardman, Eliyanah Lamason, Calvin Auger, Stetson Phillips, Dennis Sheane, Rhett Gray, Hendrick Baker, Sydney Saitz, Vanessa Solomon, Blaire Rigaux Willier, Const. Davis, Const. Ferguson, Const. Hooke, Const. Trudel, and Sgt. Derek Tomkins.

Sloan Chapman
Cynthia Yellowknee
HPE Reporters

This is Cynthia Yellowknee and Sloan Chapman reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Kindergarten students thank Sgt. Derek Tomkins for arranging visit from police for their classes. Students had a chance to ask questions and check out many of the tools the police use to keep us safe. Thank you to the Lakeshore Regional Police Service and the RCMP for letting students turn on the sirens and explore your vehicles!
Grade 1B is learning about change in their families and communities. They are excited to be going on a field trip to the local museum to see what life was like in the past. They are also learning about the needs of living things in Science. Next week, students are going to be trying out some inline skating. That should be fun!
The Grade 5 students in Grade 5/6C are working hard to finish their Regions research and move on to their Jeopardy game.
The Grade 6 students in Grade 5/6C finished their Mock Legislature. They are now reviewing their Social Studies for the Provincial Achievement Test next month.
Evidence and Investigations is wrapping up in Grade 5/6C. The students are checking out hair samples and tracks – all kinds of tracks including animal, bike, car and human. Students love investigating!
Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P students completed the webbing on their dream catchers last week. Elder Joyce Hunt came to HPE to instruct the students and to tell them stories. Thanks, Joyce, for your help with all our Indigenous learning.
The students in Grade 6 were excited to go visit Prairie River Junior High School. They will be learning about the option classes available, as well as getting to see where they will be learning next year.
The Lesser Slave Watershed Council is coming to the Grade 3/4S classroom to present the effects of soil erosion. Students will also begin in-line skating soon.
Last week, students from Grade 5/6C made some Edmonton Oilers posters and allegedly put them all over teacher Chris Langlois’s truck! Langlois and his class have been conducting some interviews with the kids from Grade 5/6C to figure out what happened. We all wonder what could be the response from Langlois and his class?
In Grade 2CL, students are excited to go swimming at the High Prairie Aquatic Center. It is always so much fun to swim as part of the Phys Ed program at school. They are very lucky to have such a nice facility in High Prairie to go swimming. The floating toys are lots of fun and help students make connections to our Boats and Buoyancy unit in Science. Finally, students want to say a big thanks to the E.W. Pratt High School students who are coming along to help supervise us in the water!
The students in Grade 5/6C think they have brought the Edmonton Oilers luck by plastering Oilers posters all over the school. Teacher Brenda Coulombe says that many of her students are good luck charms!
Part of the Grade 1I curriculum is to learn about the past and present. During a visit to the High Prairie Museum May 25, students saw an iron lung, war uniforms, a wood-burning oven and so much more. Students want to thank museum manager Darlene Adams for a fun and informative tour.
This has been Cynthia Yellowknee and Sloan Chapman reporting to you from HPE!

Students are learning about the old steamboat called the Slave River that used to transport up to 150 passengers across Lesser Slave Lake. Left to right are High Prairie Museum manager Darlene Adams, Rocky Bellerose, Adrian Patenaude, Joe Ridge, Liam Rich, Mykah Schroeder, Brianna Bain, Arianna Fors, Anna-May L’Hirondelle, Arras Marshal, Abby Gaschnitz, and Toni Willier.

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