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Zayden Salai-Cloutier, left, and Kolton Ferguson stand in front of the Cree Syllabics Word Wall the Grade 8 students created with pre-service teacher Terra Shantz.

PRJH Staff
For South Peace News

This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie.
This Friday, March 31, is our PRJH Science Fair. The Grade 8 students will be setting up their displays during lunchtime. Their entries will then be on display in the gym during the afternoon. Parents and guardians are welcome to come and see what the students researched. Please check in at the office when you arrive at the school.
The Grade 8 students are now working on their own legends. Pre-service teacher Terra Shantz has been working with them on Indigenous legends. Now they are creating their own legend using animals to teach a lesson. The students will also be creating their own book cover and biography to go with their legend.
The band class spent an afternoon practicing with the Donnelly G.P. Vanier, Slave Lake Roland Michener and High Prairie E.W. Pratt bands getting ready for a tour. They are all going on tour together to Sunpeaks, B.C. at the end of April.
Sewing teacher Brenda Coulombe has four girls who have finished their sewing project. The last few weeks they were working on two quilts to donate to the High Prairie Quilt Guild for the Ukrainian children in our area and the Edmonton Ukrainian Society to help the children feel welcome in our country.
The girls did so well at creating those two quilts that they have now created two more to donate. Coulombe is very proud of these young ladies!
Teacher Cheyenne Simms has been busy getting her handgames team ready to participate in the High Prairie School Division tournament coming up in April. We can hear the drumming and all the excitement all the way down the hall!
Parent Spring Break is coming up from April 7-16. That means that report cards will be out on April 6 for this last term.


Teams had their first tournament last weekend. They traveled to Beaverlodge together by bus to participate. We will let you know how it went next week.
Coaches Larkin Stokes, Jaime Erasmus-Perley and Sharlie Zabolotniuk are doing a great job of coaching both the singles and doubles teams.


Cosmo: In this course you will learn about self application of the latest hairstyle trends and make-up trends.
Drawing: Whether you can draw a straight line, a stick figure or an amazing piece of art, if you enjoy drawing, then this is the option for you. You are free to spend this time in the classroom drawing anything your heart desires; no matter how simple or complex.

Canteen menu

The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen. Here are the choices for the next two weeks: March 27 – hamburger hash on rice; March 28 – beef stew with a bun; March 29 – cheesy ham/veg on pasta; March 30 – sweet and sour meatballs on Rice; March 31 – pizza.
At the canteen students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may prepay by transferring to
This has been the news report from PRJH.

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