School News – Learning also occurs outside classroom at PRJH

Left-right are teacher Brenda Coulombe, with students Alicia Siegfries and Halle McLeod, measuring out a skirt in class.

Leeah Russell
PRJH Reporter

This is Leeah Russell reporting to you from Prairie River Junior High School.
In Grade 7 Health, students are making driftwood bead art. Students are enjoying this Wellness Activity as they get to work alongside their peers and share their creative ideas.
Our school-wide Terry Fox Run and fundraising effort were a huge success! We raised $1,094.05 this year and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon walk last week. Well done, everyone!
The students and staff were all out walking the trails at Jaycee Park for their Terry Fox Walk. We had wonderful weather and a great time.
On Oct. 6, PRJH’s Grade 7 classes joined Herman Sutherland, and Jamie Chalifoux out on the land for a Land-Based Learning lesson in Treaty 8 territory.
Students learned how to harvest Laboom tea (wild mint), Labrador tea (muskeg tea), diamond willow fungus, and high bush cranberry. The students learned the ideal conditions for each plant to grow, how to harvest respectfully, traditional and contemporary uses of the plants, and how to use protocol to give thanks. Students were able to enjoy the entire day outside learning about traditional uses for local plants.
PRJH is gearing up for Halloween. Looks like it will be a fun afternoon. We’ll make sure to take pictures for you to see the fun.


Last week the Josh Halverson Invitational Volleyball Tournament was held by the PRJH Raiders girl’s and boy’s teams. Next week, we will have more information and pictures for you.
We want to send out a huge thanks to all the students and staff volunteers who came out and helped.
Basketball tryouts will be soon. If your child is interested in joining the girl’s or boy’s team, make sure they are listening to the announcements for the tryout dates.

Education assistant Makayla Hendrick, left, and Tamikah Prince checking the fabric for her skirt. Students are making ribbon skirts in class.

Ribbon skirts

In this course, students are learning about the intentions of a ribbon skirt from Tina Isadore. They are learning how to operate a sewing machine. Material and ribbons for each of the students were chosen to create their own ribbon skirt. Our fabric was purchased at Willow Bend and the students are loving working with the beautiful colours.

Wellness option

This is an option to take time for yourself to relax, reflect and energize. Students will be doing a variety of activities such as music, colouring, walking, meditation and other mindful activities.
Taking care of yourself is important and this is one way you can make yourself a priority.

Outlaws interviews

Tyson Prince-Ladouceur has been playing football for two years just for the fun of it. His number is 110. He wants to play football in the future for the Edmonton Elks. Right now, he plays for the High Prairie Outlaws.
Student football player Gavin Dumont, started playing football this year at PRJH for the High Prairie Outlaws. His jersey number is 11. The reason he joined football is because he thought it was a cool sport. In the future, he isn’t sure if he wants to play football, nor is he sure of which team to play for if he does. Although he doesn’t know much about football, he still enjoys playing it.
Ryder didn’t want to do taekwondo so his mom said he should try out for football and he did. His game number is 79 for games but he has another one for practice which is 54. He has only been playing football for one season. He doesn’t know if he wants to play football in the future yet, and he doesn’t know who he would play for if he chose to play in the future. There are a lot of positions and not enough players to fill them all.
Faith Bruno wanted to play football because of her brother. Her playing numbers 50, she just started playing last spring, she doesn’t really want to play in the future, but if so she would want to be on the Edmonton Wild Cats. Last year, they had to forfeit because there was not enough people. She said, “join it, we need the players!”


Here are the choices in the canteen for the next two weeks: Oct. 19 – lazy cabbage roll casserole; Oct. 20 – beef with mushroom gravy on pasta; Oct. 21 – pizza day; Oct. 24 – no school; Oct. 25 – chicken pot pie with veggie sticks; Oct. 26 – hotdogs with a vegetable bag; Oct. 27 – pumpkin pancakes with pudding or Jello; Oct. 28 – pizza day.
This has been Leeah Russell with the news report from PRJH!

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