School News – HPE students ready to ‘leave their mark’

HPE Class KC student Mordecai Chapman holds up his tinfoil creations: a dragon boat and regular boat.
HPE Class KC student Callissa Anderson shows off her tinfoil boat.

Dragon Gray
Marlyse Maukuna
HPE Reporters

This is Dragon Gray and Marlyse Maukuna reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Grade 1I went to Hilliard’s Bay for a field trip about the needs of plants and animals. Conservation officers came and gave students all badges so they could look after the boreal forest, too.
Students in Grade 3L are excited to finally participate in their first school-wide track and field meet at E.W. Pratt High School since 2019 [held June 17]! It will be a day full of sweat, hard work and lots of laughs!
Grade ones enjoyed an action-packed day at Hilliard’s Bay learning about the needs of local plants and animals. At school, Grade 1B is preparing to choose an animal to do some research on and to build a habitat for the animal. They have also been loving swimming and are looking forward to the track and field meet June 17.
Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P will be going to MacIntyre Park on June 20 to put their handprints on the crosswalk that will acknowledge the Residential School Survivors and Victims along with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples. The teachers feel this is another way they can teach their students about being good allies.
The KC class is having a great time doing a Summer Countdown! Each day is a new activity, as students count down the last 15 days of school. Some of their favourites have been playing outside with sand toys, going on a Disneyland Virtual field trip, and their tinfoil creations; using only their hands, imagination, and lots of tinfoil! They have more adventures planned; going to Winagami and visiting a Grade 1 classroom!
Parents, be sure to check out Seesaw to see the pictures each day. Teacher Becki Cardinal would like to thank all her kindergarten families for a wonderful year and wish everyone a great summer!
The Grade 6 students worked hard last week writing three Provincial Achievement Tests. This week they have to more to write. Parents, please try to make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast to start their day.
At HPE, staff for next year are having a big shuffle. Many teachers are moving positions and will be learning about new grade levels. Check for the first report of next year to see what is new and where everyone is.
Well, two of the big changes happening next year at HPE are that teacher Melissa Isaac is moving to Prairie River Junior High School as the vice principal. She is going to be wonderful in her new role!
The next big change is that teacher Brenda Coulombe is retiring, after 22 years of teaching Grade 5, Grade 6 and many Grade 5/6 splits. Coulombe says it is time to sleep past 5:30 am, or try to and to spend time with her husband. He has had to share her with at least 500 students over the years. We will miss both teachers and we wish them all the best!
This has been Dragon Gray and Marlyse Maukuna with the last news report of the year from High Prairie Elementary. Have a great summer, everyone!

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