School News – HPE students donate to 3 charities

Sloan Chapman
Traxtyn Rich-Carifelle
HPE Reporters

This is Sloan Chapman and Traxtyn Rich- Carifelle reporting to you from High Prairie Ele- mentary School.
Students in Grade 3L are learning to help lead groups to show other students new Math concepts. Lots of cool learning going on!
In Grade 2CL, students are excited about the Spell-A-Thon challenge! They have learned so many new words this year and the strategies to make and take apart unknown words, too. Students have used their decoding strategies to read nonsense words that we like to call “Dr. Seuss Words.” They always make students laugh! Now students have the challenge to practise 25 new words and maybe even win a prize. Learning is fun at HPE!
In Penny Johansson’s kindergarten class, students enjoyed a busy week. They would like to thank Stephen and Darla Williscroft for a wonderful morning of tours to help them learn about animals in our area. The students loved learning about different animals, from chickens, ducks, cows, and rabbits.
However, their favourite activity was throwing eggs to the pigs!
After touring the farm, students finished off the week by having a Tea With Me party. Thank you to the parents who joined students for an afternoon of tea and snacks that the kindergarteners prepared.
Do not forget to have your child start collecting from their Spell-A-Thon money from their sponsors this week. Thank you to all the people who sponsored the students. They worked hard to do well.
Owen Pratt came to Grade 5/6C to show his video about a high school rodeo. Pratt has made the National Cinch High School Rodeo team. He was great at sharing information and answering questions. Thanks, Owen Pratt.
Grade 5/6C was able to raise $233 to donate to the High Prairie Legion. The money will go to help the Legion members continue their Fallen Soldiers’ Wall. Thanks goes to all the students who donated their artwork.
The Grade 6 girls from Grade 5/6C picked the winning ticket for their cuddle quilt last week. The winner of the beautiful quilt was EA Tammy Napier from Grade 4D. Math has never been so much fun! They raised $279 they will be splitting between the High Prairie Food Bank and In the Woods Animal Shelter.
This has been Sloan Chapman and Traxtyn Rich-Carifelle reporting to you from HPE!

Nothing like a visit to the farm! Penny Johansson’s kindergarten class visited Stephen and Darla Williscroft’s farm last week and made – er – a new friend! Left-right are Jackson Yardley, Everett Moore, Cecilia Lay, Erin Pichay, Jase Stewart-Yellowknee, Assil Harraki, and Stephen Williscroft.
Jackson Yardley and his mother, Alex, enjoy a Tea With Me party after their visit to Stephen and Darla Williscroft’s farm.

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