School News – HPE students creating art to add festive look at hospital

Jade Badger, left, and Eris Henry with their colourful reindeer.

Sloan Chapman
Cynthia Yellowknee
HPE Reporters

This is Sloan and Cynthia reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
In Grade 2CL, Christmas excitement is forefront in the hearts and minds of students as they make their way into December. Students are busy making holiday art for the hospital, Christmas ornaments for tree decorations, reading Christmas stories and writing their letters to Santa, just to name a few activities. Students are also preparing a “secret surprise” for their families! [We know it’s a good secret because it will make everyone smile!) Christmas, holidays and learning together are an extra special part of their classroom right now!
In Grade 4D, students are writing friendly letters to Santa in L.A. In Math, they are practicing multiplication facts and learning to tell time. In Science, they are learning about wheels and levers. In Social Studies, they are learning about Alberta’s fossil records.
In Grade 3/4S, as a class, students have started a new read aloud book. It is called George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Students will work in guided reading groups stations in order to focus on developing reading and comprehension skills. In P.E., students will learn about ringette. They will identify the sport’s key differences between ringette and hockey.
In the KS class this week, students are wrapping up Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. They are excited to start celebrating Christmas by fun crafts!
Grade 5P’s Kindness Club will be organizing a Smencil Gram [selling Christmas scented pen- cils] from Dec.1-10! Smencils will be sold for $2 each. All money raised will be used to help people in need in our community.
Grade 6M had cultural facilitator Ramzey Zallum, from Joussard, teach us about the evidence that can be used when hunting, trapping, and tracking to aid our Science unit, evidence and investigation. Thank you, Ramzey.
Grade 5/6 students were lucky to have education assistant Tammy Napier help them create beautiful pastel Christmas pictures. Teacher Brenda Coulombe will be sending the pictures to the hospital and seniors lodge for display since they are not allowed to have the Festival of Trees. Hopefully, this will help bring a bit of Christmas spirit!
Our Climate Committee set up trees again this year for our students to decorate. Each grade has a tree that they have started putting decorations on. There is also an Elf on the Shelf in our glass showcase that is keeping the students at HPE entertained with its antics.
Students and staff at HPE are being asked to bring in non-perishable food items to place underneath the trees. Each tree has a box to be filled. If you are able to send in a non-perishable food item, it would be greatly appreciated! We will be collecting until Dec. 16.
This has been Sloan and Cynthia reporting to you from HPE.

Left-right are students Melissa Stewart, Eliza Sampson-Webber, Niya Mouallem, and Denali Okemaw, listening to cultural facilitator Ramzey Zallum. He taught students the evidence that can be used when hunting, trapping, and tracking to aid their Science unit.
Grade 5/6 High Prairie Elementary School student Cynthia Yellowknee created a beautiful pastel Christmas picture, which will be sent to the High Prairie Regional Health Complex and J.B. Wood Extended Care to brighten the mood. Students often complete projects for seniors.

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