School News – HPE celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday

Dr. Seuss spirit was alive and well during Wacky Day. Left-right are August Willcott, Judeah Gilroy, Lexi Flett, Tyra Shantz, and Danica Doucette showing their spirit.

Dax Peters
Layla Verhage
HPE Reporters

This is Layla and Dax reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
The KJ class thanks Corrine Goulet for helping them learn about dream catchers and teaching how to make their own with the help of teacher Heather Cisaroski.
Grade 3/4S students have begun to explore the relationship of fractions using cuisenaire rods, fractionships and other visuals.
Grade 3 students are exploring suitable materials for building while Grade 4 students continue to build a variety of simple machines using Lego kits.
Grade 5 students are excited for March! With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, they are contemplating who is worth more gold to them.
Teachers will be sending home information on how to book a spot for Student-led conferences. These can be held in person, virtually or over the phone.
Please dress appropriately for the melting weather. Wet pants or socks are not that much fun — send extras to change into!
HPE ECS registrations for the 2022-23 school year are being accepted now. If your child will be five years old by Dec. 31 of this year, they are eligible for kindergarten. Pick up applications at school or download from the HPSD website.
March 17, wear green and you just might find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
It was Dr. Seuss’ birthday last week. To celebrate, many classes were reading his tongue twister books that day. Grade 5/6C even had a little dress-up and cookies while some of the students read.
Because of Dr. Seuss’ birthday HPE also had a Wacky Day! There were students and staff with backwards clothing, miss-matched shoes, colourful wigs, odd hair styles and so much more. We even had a student dress as her mom and her mom dressed as her! Great school spirit, HPE!
This has been Layla and Dax reporting to you from HPE!

Wacky Day certainly brought out some interesting attire at High Prairie Elementary School. In front is Lexi Flett. In back, left-right are Sloan Chapman, August Willcott, Sophie Oliver, Dutch Degner, and Danica Doucette.
Like mother, like daughter! Left-right are Leah and August Willcott, had some fun and dressed as each other, for Wacky Day.
Left-right are HPE principal Kim Corless and secretary Cathy Kryzanowski, getting into the spirit during Wacky Day.

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