School News – Crooks beware? HPE is full of sleuths in training

Left-right are Marlyse Maukuna, Sloan Chapman, Lexi Flett, and Dutch Degner working on chromatography.

Dragon Gray
HPE Reporter

This is Dragon Gray reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
The KJ class enjoyed the opportunity to be an archeologist. Students were excited to each find their own dinosaur. Then they researched and learned their names.
In Grade 2CL, student have been so busy reading, writing and working to improve their number sense! They are also having so much fun in Science and are learning a lot about boats and buoyancy. Students have had the opportunity to examine and make lots of boats and explore how to make the best boat for moving and transporting. Students even learned why a sailboat has a keel.
Students in Grade 3L were so excited they got to do some inline skating at school. The students will learn a fun obstacle course to complete. All grades from kindergarten to Grade 6 had the chance to have two in-line skating lessons from Kruz, an instructor from Alien In-line. He taught them about safety gear and how to wear it properly, how to fall safely and how to stop. All very important things to know when you are in-line skating.
The students then played games practicing stopping and falling safely. The second time they went for a lesson, there was an obstacle course for them to try out. The students had lots of fun last week. This event was one of the ways the Spell-A-Thon money raised is used.
Many classes are going swimming now. Please make sure your child has their swimsuit and towel at school on the days that they swim.
This is a very busy month at school. Lots of field trips both walking and busing. PAT exams are happening for Grade 6 June, 14, 15, 16, 22 and 23. Track and Field Day is June 17. Please read your child’s agenda each day so you know what is happening.
The students and staff are so excited they finally get to go places and do things. Please ensure that all of your child’s permission slips are signed and turned in.
Grade 5P students visited E.W. Pratt High School this week for a fun little tour! Thank you, teacher Keaton Morton, for all your help!
The students in Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P had a presentation about the wetlands last week. It was a pre-teaching about the trip they are going on to the Jackpines. They learned about the bog, water testing and marsh monsters. We want to thank Alyssa from the Lesser Slave Watershed Council for coming and talking with the students.
In Grade 3/4S, students are working together, learning how to read and interpret graphs, how to identify the important ideas and details, and how to create questions that reflect the important information found in graphs. Students are looking at real world examples of different types of graphs, including their own personal growth with reading in a line graph.
Last week the students in Grade 5/6C came into class to find that there was a crime scene in their classroom. They spent the morning using their evidence and investigation skills. Teacher Brenda Coulombe had set up six different stations that the students worked their way through: shoe tracks, chromatography, hair and fabric samples, fingerprints and handwriting samples. The students worked in groups to fill in their investigation forms and to try and figure out “Who done it”. It was a great way for the students to demonstrate just what they learned during this Science unit. It is also great hands-on practice for the PAT Science test coming up.
Coulombe said that the best part of the day was that the students cleaned up the mess!!
This has been Dragon Gray reporting to you from HPE.

It is a crime scene but students are on the job finding the culprit[s]! Above, August Willcott collects fabric samples.
High Prairie Elementary School kindergarten student Celia Lay is all smiles as she digs diligently for dinosaurs.

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