School News – Creepy-crawlies studied at HPE!

Grade 6 HPE students explore a marsh and are hunting for ‘Marsh Monsters’. Left-right are Tyra Shantz, Sloan Chapman, Dutch Degner, Ben Jackman, Dragon Gray, Johnny Lefthand, August Willcott, Cynthia Yellowknee and Danica Doucette.

Oliver Warren-Currier
HPE Reporter

This is Oliver Warren-Currier reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
The students from HPE went on their first wetlands trip in two and a half years. Students from Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P worked their way through three stations.
Kate helped the students hunt for ‘Marsh Monsters’. The students were able to wade into the marsh a few feet to try to catch different ‘Marsh Monsters’. Boy, did they ever find some interesting bugs in the water!
Alyssa taught the students all about water testing. The students learned how to test the water for PH, oxygen content and turbidity.
Cori took the students on a walk through the bog where students learned about peat, different plants, and animals that use and live in the bog.
Also on the bog walk we had Elder Clarence “Click” Cardinal, helping us to connect our learning to the Indigenous peoples’ past in this area from Treaty 8.
Lesser Slave Forestry Education Society and Lesser Slave Watershed Council worked well together to help the students finish up their Wetlands unit. Thank you very much, ladies!
Grade KJ had a special visitor to their classroom last week. Sophie Oliver from Grade 5/6C brought in her Banana Fireball Python pet snake named Sprinkles, for the students to see and learn about. Oliver had the opportunity to share everything she knew about her pet.
HPE had a first at HPE last week! Grads from E.W. Pratt did an honours walk through the playground sidewalk lined by the elementary students. Students from all over the school created congratulation signs and held them up as the students walked through. It was a great idea to have the grads walk through so the younger students could see their success!
It will be a busy week this week at our school. The Grade 6 students will be writing their Social Studies, Language Arts and Science PAT tests. This Friday, students from HPE and many of the students from E.W. Pratt High School will be participating in their first Track Meet Day since 2019. The students are all very excited about having this track day.
This month there have been quite a few field trips. We would like to thank our wonderful cafeteria lady, Dayna, for all the extra work that she has gone to. She has kept track of which students are on a field trip and she makes sure their lunch is to go. All the while she is continuing to make lunch for the rest who have ordered. We are lucky to have her in our school kitchen!
Swimming trips are still happening! Please make sure when your child’s class is going swimming they have their swimsuit and towel at school.
In Grade 5P, Sophie Delorme won our class reading contest! Reading Opoly was fun, and Sophie read all the cool genres!
This has been Oliver Warren Currier reporting to you from HPE!

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