School News – Badminton champs crowned

Left-right are August Willcott, Zane Letendre, and Cynthia Yellowknee – the badminton champs in Grade 5/6C at High Prairie Elementary School. Missing is Cacey Cunningham.

Raeanne Sander-Ferguson
HPE Reporter

This is Raeanne Sander-Ferguson reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Students in Grade 3L are setting up their outlines for their very own mystery stories. I cannot wait to read through all of the suspense!
The Grade 6 girls in 5/6C used lots of their Math classes to create a Cuddle Quilt. They are having an in-house raffle using the quilt as a prize. The tickets are $1.00 each. Teachers have the tickets in their classroom to purchase. The students will be donating all the money raised to High Prairie community projects such as In the Woods Animal Shelter, and the High Prairie and District Food Bank Society.
When the girls have the quilt in the school, they will bring it around to each classroom to show you. The quilt will then be in the display case until the draw next month on May 12.
Class KJ has turned into a class of paleontologists! Students are learning about dinosaurs, went on a dinosaur dig, and have created their own dinosaurs. They found a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet.
The kindergarten classes would like to thank the E.W. Pratt High School students who helped make our swim day a wonderful experience.
The Grade 5/6C student government would like to create baskets for the Sucker Creek Women’s Shelter for Mother’s Day. The students are looking for new items to fill the baskets such as combs, brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, barrettes, hair ponies, and anything else you think might put a smile on a mom’s face.
The 5/6C student government will come to classrooms to collect any items that are brought in, just have your teacher let Brenda Coulombe know there is a pick-up in your room. Students will be collecting until May 4. We thank you in advance for your help.
In Grade 3/4S Math, Grade 4 students are using their knowledge of arrays to measure and estimate the area of regular and irregular shapes. In Grade 3, students are using their knowledge of non-standard and standard units to measure objects in metres and centimetres.
The students at HPE will be holding two art sales. These sales will be held just before and for a short time after the April and May assemblies. Artwork from students in the school will be displayed in the hallway by the gym. Students will be in the hallway to help with the sale.
All money raised will be donated to the Legion to help raise money for the framing of pictures of fallen soldiers from our area.
Grade 5/6C had a class badminton tournament last week. We had three categories: Intermediate Singles, Junior Singles, and Doubles. The winners were Zane Letendre in Intermediate Singles, Cynthia Yellowknee in Junior Singles and August Willcott and Cacey Cunningham in Doubles. Fun was had by all!
This has been Raeanne reporting to you from HPE!

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