Saying goodbye to 2016 – May

Ballet 7 and 8 performing “Shoes” at the Smoky River Dance Society’s 2016 end of season showcase fundraiser at G.P.Vanier on April 24.

May 4, 2016 – Smoky River Dance Society performed magic at its 2015-2016 showcase
The Smoky River Dance Society 2015–2016 Showcase performed to a large, appreciative audience in the G.P. Vanier gym on Sunday, April 24.
Not just the dancing but the entire occasion was well choreographed, moving smoothly between performances and genres with guest singers giving the occasion an added sense of variety.
The event opened with a rendition of O Canada led by musician Joel Lavoie and the other musical guests were Meera and Nadia Sylvain, Zoe Roy and Laurence Soucy.
With the exception of Jessie Sylvain, the Jazz 14 + group were on a trip with the G.P. Vanier Band in Vancouver but fortunately, a videotape of their performance titled “Control” was played at the event.
The dancers that perform solos were Holly Russett, Jazz – Kacie Labrecque, Ballet and Jessie Sylvain, Acro Solo.
The Smoky River Dance Society’s two instructors are Alysia Sharp who teaches ballet and Brogan Severson teaches all other disciplines. The April 24 event reached an impressive finale with a solo performance by instructor Brogan Severson.
The 2015-2016 Showcase, the SRDS’ only annual fundraiser, featured jazz, ballet, hip-hop and two new disciplines introduced this year, creative movement for 3 to 5 year olds and musical theatre. The event also included the sale of flowers and DVDs plus a silent auction.

May 11, 2016 – Fern’s Greenhouse welcomes the public with May Day event
The weather was warm and perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
Fern’s Greenhouse held an open house on May 1 to mark May Day.
“I hope this will be the start of a celebration every year, especially for spring and summer,” says Lynn Florence, owner of Fern’s Greenhouse.
There were several family activities. Staff worked on crafts with children in the main greenhouse.
Estelle Chailler and her family brought their miniature horses for the children to pet.
Eric Verstappen brought his petting zoo, including chickens and baby lambs. There was coffee and cupcakes for guests to enjoy as well.
Fern’s Greenhouse offers a variety of items, including hanging baskets, perennials, petunias, tropicals and roses.
Fire ban now in effect through the entire
province of Alberta
Smoky River fire chief Marcel Maure has issued a fire ban order for all of M.D. of Smoky River No. 130.
“With this extremely warm weather and lack of precipitation, we’re in prime condition for wildland fires,” he says.
Maure issued the ban on May 2, stating that the wildfire hazard is extreme. The ban stipulates:
. No open burning is allowed, no fires using wood, charcoal or briquettes.
. No fireworks.
Also, no fire permits will be issued and all existing fire permits are suspended.
However, the ban does not include propane and gas barbecues. Keep up to date about the fire bans across the province by going to the website,
But also late last week, the Alberta government imposed a province-wide band on all fires described here.

May 18, 2016 – Hair styling and photography studio hold open house
In times of economic uncertainty, it is always encouraging to hear of the opening of new businesses. Regardless of whether they are large undertakings or small local enterprises, the first order of business is to create awareness and gain the support of the local community.
To that end, two new businesses, Cutting Edge hair styling and Sara Yaremko Photography located at 006 Main St., Railway Avenue in Falher held an open house on Friday May 6 from 3pm to 8pm.
Lori Bellefleur, the owner of The Cutting Edge, trained as a hair stylist in Grand Falls, New Brunswick and has worked in the profession for over thirteen years.
“We moved up here for my husband’s job about two years ago and I worked in a salon down the road and just decided to go out on my own,” she said. “I have been open here about a month and it has been going great, keeping steady.
“We do frequent styling mile cards, the more often you come the more benefits you get, you get twenty percent off, and so that helps.”

May 25, 2016 – With the Honey Festival on the horizon, Falher Friendship Corner gets busy with wooden bee project
The woodshop at the Falher Friendship Corner is buzzing with activity in the midst of a new project, creating painted, wooden bees that will eventually hang from the lampposts along Falher’s Main Street.
Dolores Garand came up with the idea and brought it to the group at the Friendship Centre as a project to raise money leading up to the Honey Festival and to embellish and beautify Falher during the festivities.
“Dolores approached me with the concept and asked me if we would be interested in the project that and we said for sure and scooped it up, right Denis,” says rehabilitation worker Aimee Andresen, speaking to Denis Morin who is taking care of the wood cutting part of the process.
“There are also three clients that work in the workshop each week, usually doing their own projects, so those three clients will come in and do the painting and I will do the detail work.“
he initial target is to make ten bees but the Friendship Corner will keep going as long as there is a demand.
The Friendship Corner is encouraging local businesses, farm families and other individuals in the Smoky River Region to purchase the bees.
“The committee has come up with a figure of $50 a bee but if people want to contribute more towards maintenance or replacing any that get damaged, that would be appreciated,” says Garand.

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