Rural vote vital to candidate

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A candidate for an Alberta seat in the federal Senate promoted her priorities to Big Lakes County council at its regular meeting Sept. 22.
Pam Davidson is on the campaign trail to share her vision and seek support when voters head to the polls for municipal elections Oct. 18.
“Agriculture is by far an important part of my life, so it’s something I will advocate if I become a Senator,” says Davidson, who lives on a farm between Red Deer and Sylvan Lake.
“We need rural people to get out to vote.”
The vote is being conducted under Elections Alberta.
“One of the biggest things for me is that I am from rural Alberta,” Davidson says.
“I understand the challenges of rural Alberta and will be a voice to fight for them.”
Small businesses and Internet broadband in rural and northern regions are also high priorities for Davidson.
As a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, she is also running to promote responsible natural resource development.
Big Lakes Reeve Ken Matthews agrees with Davidson’s priorities.
“You have identified most of our concerns,” Matthews says.
On election day, eligible voters will be able to select three senate candidates who will then be elected to the position of Senator-in-waiting.
The expectation is that in the event of a vacancy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will select the senator-in-waiting that received the most votes in the previous senate election.
Alberta is the only province in Canada to democratically elect its senators.
As of Aug. 3, there is only one Alberta senate vacancy.

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