Routhier students entertain with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theatrical production

Above, Draven Leclerc acts as Humpty Dumpty and Dani Patterson as Small Alice. Patterson was one of three girls to perform the lead role.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Parents, grandparents and the general public were treated to a live theatre production at Ecole Routhier recently.

Missoula Children’s Theatre worked with students in all grades to put together the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ production.

The first performance was held in the evening of Oct. 6, and the second in the afternoon of Oct. 7.

“We are extremely proud of the 58 students cast for roles in the Misssoula performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland'”, says Principal Diane Benoit.

“The students’ hard work, dedication and talents were showcased during the two performances and enjoyed by all who attended.”

Three girls played the lead role of Alice: Anyka Desaulniers (Tall), Addison Wickman (Middle) and Dani Patterson (Small). Maddy Chitty played the White Rabbit for all the scenes. Chitty is also a director for Missoula Children’s Theatre.

Throughout her travels, Alice becomes “curiouser and curiouser” about the strange people and animals she meets.

There are the caterpillar and the flowers who encounter her. There are also the three ‘Chesire Cats’ who pose questions to her, and they show their trademark grins.

But it was the students who dressed as lobsters that really stole the show, dancing around on stage and clacking their claws. They drew many cheers and applause.

Nonetheless, danger lurks around every corner, as the Queen of Hearts and her playing card entourage have it in for Alice and anybody else they didn’t like.

“Off with their heads!” are their repeated chants and Alice can’t escape.

Alice has other enounters along the way, including with Tweedle Dee, played by Reid Turnquist, and Tweedle Dum, played by Wyatt Hunting.

She also encounters Humpty Dumpty, played by Draven Leclerc. He has his fall, but he is put back together and can continue to live a happy life.

Not everyone has a happy life, though. The Mock Turtle, played by Damon Labrecque, struggles with a limp and he uses a cane to compensate.

As the story nears its end, Alice comes face to face with the Queen of Hearts once more. However, Alice and the Queen make peace.

What does all this come to? Nonsense, really. As the White Rabbit says, “Nonsense is fun!”

Look for a series of videos of the Oct. 6 performance on the Express’ Facebook page. Also, look for some additional photos of that performance at

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There’s always a need for sleep. Above, Kendra St. Jean acts as the Doormouse. Check the Express’ Facebook page for videos of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ performance.
Strike up the band! It just goes to show that even flowers are talented when they can play musical instruments.
Left-right are Jackson McKay as the Mad Hatter, Jesse Johnson as the March Hare, Maddy Chitty as the White Rabbit and Anyka Desaulniers as Tall Alice.
Can too many cooks spoil the broth? Above, left-right, are Dominic Sliger as the Cook, Sierra Turcotte as the Duchess, Nora Dubrule as Frog, Dani Patterson as Small Alice and Maddy Chitty as the White Rabbit.
From left, are Reid Turnquist as Tweedle Dee, and Wyatt Hunting as Tweedle Dum.
Damon Labrecque as the Mock Turtle.
It’s a lobster festival! With clacking claws, students of mixed grades dressed up as lobsters and danced their way around the Tall Alice and other characters. It was all part of the Missoula Children’s Theatre production at Ecole Routhier in the evening of Oct. 6.
Pictured above, left-right, are Maddy Chitty as the White Rabbit, Addison Wickman as Middle Alice and Olivia Andersen as Fish.
Let’s show our flower power! In the photo above, left-right, are Janelle Lanctot as Flower, Maddy Chitty as the White Rabbit (Tour Actor/Director) and Addison Wickman as Middle Alice.
Above, left-right, are Addison Wickman as the Middle Alice and Dani Cloutier as Margaret.
Off with their heads! Daysha Tokarz, the Queen of Hearts, and Ephraim Marschner, the King of Hearts, lead the other cards on stage and they chant “Off with their heads!”
The insect of many legs is passing through. Jordyn Bedard leads the others as part of the march of the caterpillar through Wonderland.
In front, left-right, are Ephraim Marschner as the King of Hearts, Addison Wickman as the Middle Alice, Daysha Tokarz as the Queen of Hearts and Nathaniel Reid as Knave of Hearts. In the back is Eva Cloutier as Ace of Hearts.

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