Routhier School track and field awards presentation

Sportsmanship Brooklyn Grey (missing), Bronze Paisley Marchildon, Silver Alanah Debrule, and Gold Josyanne Aubin.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

At assembly on June 12, Routhier Phys-Ed teacher David Gingera welcomed students to the track and field awards presentation.

Gingera praised the students for putting on an excellent two-day event and thanked the Grade 5 and 6 students with helping out with the younger kids’ events.

With assistance from two students who called the name of each winner, Gingera presented the awards and following the presentation, he took a selfie with each group.

There were four awards in each group, the sportsmanship award and bronze, silver and gold medals.

Grade 1 Girls: Brooklyn Grey, Sportsmanship – Paisley Marchildon, Bronze – Alanah Debrule, Silver and Josyanne Aubin, Gold.

Grade 1 Boys: Micheal Lupp, Sportsmanship – David Owanga and Marshall Reed tied for Bronze – Daniel Owanga, Silver and Teagan Bouchard, Gold.

Grade 2 Girls: Dylan Strong, Sportsmanship – Harmony Lefebre and Usmah Akhtar tied for Bronze – Tannah Payou, Silver and Jasmine Dumont, Gold.

Grade 2 Boys: Jerome Carifelle, Sportsmanship – Reid Turnquist, Bronze – Preston Desaulniers, Silver and Easton Dumont, Gold.

Grade 3 Girls: Stephanie Zacharias, Sportsmanship – Ryann Deslaurier, Bronze – Olivia Andersen, Silver and Nora Debrule, Gold.

Grade 3 Boys: Andre Gagnon, Sportsmanship – Alex Debrule, Bronze – Kale Heckbert, Silver and Karsyn Marchildon, Gold.

Grade 4 Girls: Sienna St. Jean, Sportsmanship – Kaytie Ross, Bronze – Jordyn Bedard, Silver and Tasheila Boyer.

Grade 4 Boys: Jackson McKay, Sportsmanship – Chase Henley, Bronze – Mason Laliberte, Silver and Jesse Bouvier, Gold.

Grade 5 Girls: Shaylyn Janzen, Sportsmanship – Anyka Desaulniers, Bronze – Gabrielle Leclerc, Silver and Brianna Ross, Gold.

Grade 5 Boys: Jeremy Binet, Sportsmanship – Marc-Andre Lemay, Bronze – Cameron Delaurier, and Aiden Hicks, Gold.

Sportsmanship Micheal Lupp (missing), tie for bronze David Owanga/Marshall Reed, Sil Daniel Owanga, and Gold Teagan Bouchard.
Sportsmanship Sean Samansha, Bronze Parker St. Laurent, Silver Patrick Pabalan and Gold Brett Heckbert.
Sportsmanship Kaylee Fournier, Bronze Clauie Burt, Silver Rebekah Andersen and Gold Kaiden Tardif.
Sportsmanship Jeremy Binet, Bronze Marc-Andre Lemay, Silver Cameron Delaurier and Gold Aiden Hicks.
Sportsmanship Shaylyn Janzen, Bronze Anyka Desaulniers, Silver Gabrielle Leclerc (missing) and Gold Brianna Ross
Sportsmanship Jackson McKay, Bronze Chase Henley, Silver Mason Laliberte and Gold Jesse Bouvier.
Sportsmanship Sienna St. Jean, Bronze Kaytie Ross, Silver Jordyn Bedard and Gold Tasheila Boyer.
Sportsmanship Andre Gagnon, Bronze Alex Debrule, Silver Kale Heckbert and Gold Karsyn Marchildon.
Sportsmanship Stephanie Zacharias, Bronze Ryann Deslaurier, Silver Olivia Andersen and Gold Nora Debrule.
Sportsmanship Jerome Carifelle, Bronze Reid Turnquist, Silver Preston Desaulniers and Gold Easton Dumont.
Sportsmanship Dylan Strong, tie for bronze Harmony Lefebre and Usmah Akhtar(missing), Tannah Payou and Jasmine Dumont.

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