Road Warriors Taekwondo to host testing day on April 9

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Road Warriors Taekwondo is inviting the public to watch their students go through their testing.
The testing will take place in the main gym at Georges P. Vanier in Donnelly, beginning at noon on April 9.
There will be two sets of pre-testing. The first is the Lil-Warriors Pre-test, which will be held at the school on April 5, and the second is the Road Warriors Pre-test, which will be held there on April 7.
To be eligible for advancement at the Belt Promotion, students must pre-test during class.
The taekwondo club in Manning will also be at the event, as will high ranking masters.
For more information, please contact Alain Johnson at (780) 618-1202, or via email at
Also, watch for a story about the event in a future edition of the Smoky River Express, as well as video clips on their Facebook page. And go to to see more action photos of other sports events.

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