Residents at Manoir du Lac welcome young visitors


Residents at Manoir du Lac giving knitting instruction to attentive Ecole Providence students, February 23.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Beginning on Tuesday February 23, Ecole Providence students Grade 3 and up visited the residents at Manoir du Lac in McLennan. On that afternoon, the women at the Manor taught the kids how to knit and demonstrated a number of techniques.
The plan between the Manoir residents and Providence School is to have the students visit the every second Tuesday afternoon and to engage in different kinds of exchanges and activities that gives the students an opportunity to learn something useful while getting some attention from their elders.
The tentative plan for the next visit is for the kids to return the favour by bringing their iPad and tablets to show the residents at the Manoir how to play computer games.
On February 23, there was an interesting dynamic with a number of the women taking two or three kids under their wing for some detailed instruction while at the same time engaging in some lighthearted banter.
Both the residents at the Manoir and Ecole Providence teachers agree that the visits will be beneficial for the kids and mutually enjoyed by everyone involved.

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