Resident drowning in high water bill

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Let the insurance company deal with it.
It’s the solution Northern Sunrise County arrived at after hearing about a water bill at its Jan. 11 meeting.
Irma Olga Gordey wrote council asking her $2,609 water bill be forgiven.
“There was a leak under the trailer that was not detected until the bill arrived,” she wrote.
“I contacted the office and the serviceman came to check and shut off water in the trailer [on Nov. 16, 2021].”
Administration prepared a report for council. Problems arose in March 2020 and the water was shut off. It was turned on again Aug. 31. The Oct. 31 reading was noted to be “exceptionally” high. Efforts to contact Gordey were unsuccessful and the water shut off.
Nov. 15, Gordey contacted the County and said no voice mail was left and the water was turned on by a contractor. Gordey asked the water be shut off. The next day, Northern Sunrise staff went to the home and heard water from the hallway bathroom, the toilet was running. The meter was checked and water flow found to be just under a litre per minute. The water was shut off.
Gordey contacted the County Nov. 25 and said there was a broken valve underneath the trailer that went undetected. Administration advised Gordey to contact her insurance company or write council asking for forgiveness.
Marie Reine Judah Councillor Dan Boisvert noted the hefty bill and had sympathy.
“Fifty per cent or 75 per cent,” he said suggesting a reduction.
“That’s a pretty stiff bill.”
Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba noted the empty trailer was not checked regularly to see if anything was wrong.
“If someone was checking. . .someone should have picked up on that.”
St. Isidore Councillor Art Laurin agreed.
“This is a matter for the insurance company.

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