Reservoir is not running dry, council promises

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The rumours just won’t stop despite repeated assurances from High Prairie town council.
High Prairie is not running short of water!
“We now have 100 million gallons of storage,” public works Supt. Vern Walker told council at its Jan. 24 meeting.
The supply should be more than adequate to supply the town’s needs until July or August.
Rumours began weeks ago the town was running short of water after it was learned that pumping did not occur last fall from the West Prairie River. Usually, the town pumps water during the fall to top off the reservoir. It does not mean; however, that water is in short supply.
One repeated rumour has it that trucks were hauling water to the reservoir, something council denies.
Other untrue rumours circulated that the town would run out water in April, and even February.
Council did agree at the meeting to buy a smaller pump for $55,000. The smaller pump would allow public works crews to pump water during low flow periods – something that is becoming more common as years pass.
Walker said the new pump would “mitigate risks” when it comes to the availability to pump water.
Councillor Judy Stenhouse suggested digging a hole and pumping with the existing larger pump.
However, Walker replied since they would be disturbing the river bed they required approval from federal authorities which could take “months and months”. Normally, without disturbing the river bed, the Town can pump the required amount of water needed.
“We can pump as long as there is flow,” said Walker.
The existing larger pump pumps about 1,100 gallons per minute whereas the new pump pumps about 500 gallons per minute.
Delivery of the new pump is expected to take about 22 weeks, advised Walker.

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