Request for flagpoles denied, council taking cautious approach

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County is waving a flag over the issue of adding flagpoles in local hamlets.
At its regular meeting Nov. 23, council received a request to place three flagpoles in Joussard for information.
As part of the request for decision, council further approved a recommendation to develop an overall strategic plan and standardization of hamlet upgrade requests.
Last year, council received a request from the Joussard Community Association to place flagpoles on JCA property, Kevin Cymbaluk, director of public works, told council.
To follow up the request, the cost was estimated at $17,854 to install the three flagpoles.
The estimated cost included the supply and delivery of the poles for $7,643, three flags for $235, geotechnical testing for $2,000, installation for $5,000 and a 20 per cent contingency for $2,976.
Long-term planning and standards for hamlet upgrades will help council make good decisions, Cymbaluk said.
“A strategic plan for hamlet upgrades will ensure that decisions that are made will have long-term sustainable benefits and that costs associated with these projects are included in all requests,” Cymbaluk said.
“It is important to have a high-level system to evaluate requests of this nature.
“This will ensure that the benefits of the investment are carried out in a consistent and strategic manner.”
Reeve Robert Nygaard suggested community organizations who lead such projects raise money and apply for grants.
Gilwood North – Triangle Councillor Jim Zabolotniuk agreed with Nygaard and suggested to further study the overall hamlet upgrade program.
“We need to develop a long-term strategy for funding hamlet upgrades,” he said.

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