Request denied

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

An adult hockey team asking for $5,000 from Northern Sunrise County to attend Native Senior Hockey Provincials April 14-18 in Edmonton was refused at council’s April 12 meeting.
“They’re adults, that’s an issue for me,” said Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba.
“If you’re an adult and can’t pay your own way you should stay home.”
Dustin Whitehead made the request on behalf of Peace River Aboriginal Hockey. The team practices in Nampa and Grimshaw, with all players residents of the county.
He added the Lubicon Lake Band paid $5,000 to help cover registration fees and hotel rooms.
“They still need meals and travel [expenses],” added Councillor Gaylene Whitehead, who represents Cadotte Lake, Little Buffalo.
Councillor Corinna Williams was concerned council seemed to be getting “more and more of these requests” and moved to deny the request and receive the letter for information.
Whitehead argued council did support other sporting organizations, adding some applications seemed to get “cut down or get denied” by council.
“They’re seniors, not kids,” countered Councillor Dan Boisvert.
“If they’re adults, why can’t they pay their own way?” asked Kolebaba.
Whitehead said some members of the team were not employed.

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