Replacing St. Andrew’s School inches closer

The St Andrew’s School building in High Prairie remains under study for Holy Family Catholic Regional Division after a value-scoping project in 2023 to determine the building’s future.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A new building for St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie could be constructed in the coming years as a project for Holy Family Catholic Regional Division.

At its regular meeting Feb. 21, the board was updated about the value-scoping project to determine to replace or renovate the structure.

Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. was awarded the contract to conduct a value-scoping project at the board’s regular meeting Feb. 15, 2023.

“The consultant’s recommendation is for a new building,” Turpin says when she spoke with South Peace News on Feb. 22.

She addss the board will engage an engineer to gather more information so a complete package can be presented to government to request funding.

The engineer will also provide options for suitable land with utility services.

Holy Family is ensuring full and accurate completion of the value-scoping package before taking the next steps in the process.

The value-scoping project was launched to determine if the current facility needs to be replaced or renovated to create a current and modern learning environment.

Turpin says the aging school facility has long been a priority for the school division, even before the value-scoping project.

“St. Andrew’s School has been our number-one capital project for a number of years,” Turpin says in the news release dated March 9, 2023.

She says the current facility was originally constructed in 1957 as a one-storey school building.

Several additions were completed in 1963, 1971, 1985, 1990, 1991 and 1998.

High Prairie trustee Leanne Cox stated in the March 2023 news release the school needs a modern building.

“I thank the Government of Alberta for supporting St. Andrew’s School in its endeavour to provide a 21st Century learning environment for students in High Prairie and surrounding communities,” says Cox, a graduate and former teacher at St. Andrew’s.

“Our students and staff deserve the most modern facilities.”

The value-scoping sessions facilitated a consultative process with stakeholders that included analysis of functional needs, programming development of facility options and financial implications.

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