Repairs ‘fast-tracked’

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Every effort will be made to make repairs at the Nampa Regional Civic Centre as soon as possible.
“There is nothing worse than a sewer smell,” said Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba during debate at Northern Sunrise County council’s Jan. 11 meeting.
“We’re very much into this restaurant and we want to keep it open.”
Council agreed to spend $50,000 on a sewer line project at the facility. The item was fast-tracked so administration could approve contracts as fast as possible to make repairs.
“This is the last best thing we can think of to solve the problem,” said Ian Cosh, director of engineering and planning.
“Why is this happening?” asked Kolebaba.
Cosh replied he believed the slab underneath the building settled and the sewage pipe with it.
“It has had operation issues in the past,” said Cosh.
“Someone screwed up,” asked Kolebaba.
“I agree,” replied Cosh, adding repairs would be fast-tracked.

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