Letter – Reader takes issue with ‘Red October … in the landfill’ commentary

To the Editor:

Why is it that Donald Trump supporters don’t want to admit a theory that is coming into more and more commonplace acceptance – that is there is no real right wing and/or left wing divide in politics?

If you go too far from the middle of the road [to the left or right], it doesn’t matter what you call it, the results are the same.

Mac Olsen’s little lecture on the history of communism [Red October…in the landfill, Page 6, Oct. 11 South Peace News] and all the people who died during the turmoil in Europe doesn’t make it expressly clear that Hitler and the Nazis were really conservative.

The communists were staging a ‘peoples revolution’ on one side of the border and on the other side Hitler and his cronies were embracing the idea of living room. They wanted to clear out two million acres of central Europe for the acceptable people to be comfortable.

How did either of these groups choose to go about their great plan? By killing millions and millions of people!

The communists shipped them off to the end of a railroad in Siberia and the Nazis herded them into ovens and showered poison gas on them.

God save us all from overly idealist fools of either bent. They carry death cards.

Trump is another matter. He is a racist. More and more reporting from independent sources is pointing that out. His father was apparently one of a thousand people arrested in a KKK rally in New York. [The Rachel Maddow Show]

More than that, he is motivated by nothing more than money. He reaches out with congratulations to despots like Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and Recep Erdogan in Turkey and stomps all over Kim Jung-un. He has business dealings in Turkey and the Philippines, but no one has found any in North Korea.

The regime in North Korea has been a pain in the butt for successive American presidents and will likely not stop. There are two very good reasons for it not to: Iraq and Libya. Trump is not taking a firm stand, he is floundering around and beating his chest as much as Kim Jung-un.

The difference between the two countries could be and should be greater than it is. North Korea ships its people abroad to work in labour camps for pennies a day and takes the pay from places like Russia.

Meanwhile, an American judge has agreed to hear a case against the American penal system accusing it of slavery. Some of the people it is forcing to work are not yet convicted.

Duterte is killing hundreds of people in his war against drugs. They have not been convicted either.

The Americans have an algorithm that defines the acceptable number of innocent people who are killed in proportion to their targets. They know that they are going to kill people who may be doing nothing more than walking past the building where their target is.

Shortly after he was elected, Trump scoffed at the First Amendment [Freedom of Speech]; he wants to pull the licence of NBC.

Erdogan in Turkey is jailing thousands of journalists.

Mac, you are a journalist. You get to write pro-Trump articles and I fire back, snarling overlong missives telling you all the places I think you hit the weeds.

Jeff Burgar proposed creating another province [High Prairie South Peace News]. In this very middle of the road country we are allowed to do that.

Why Trump loves Vladimir Putin is now becoming understandable. The day of one of the debates for the Republican candidates he signed a letter of intent to build a building in Russia that could have been the largest building in the world. For that he needed hundreds of millions of dollars that he was seeking from Russian banks which are controlled by Putin. No wonder he was putting on his lipstick.

Understand that as a Canadian, I have no great love for either of these men and their countries. We are Canadians, what is good for us will not always be what is good for either of them.

I don’t mind a politician being a genuine SOB. I do, however, insist that the politician be our SOB.

In these matters, Trump is not an American SOB; and in North Korea he chose an adversary who is very far away, and vociferous enough to talk back.

Why would Kim Jung-un do that? Maybe to keep the world watching.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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