Ecole Providence Students learn about Terry Fox before embarking on annual run

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Ecole Providence students participated in the school’s annual Terry Fox Run on Wednesday September 30.

Before the kids took to the trails below Lake View Avenue they posed for a photograph though they were anxious to get on the move.

The kids began the day watching a movie on Terri Fox, referencing books and looking online to get background information on the young man, the challenges he faced and in spite of those challenges how much he accomplished.

Of course, Terry Fox represents a great many of the characteristics that we like to instill in our students,” says Providence principal Krista Veitch.

He represents an unselfish and determined attitude and how one’s courageous actions can resonate for years after as Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope continues to benefit people not just in Canada but around the world who are stricken with cancer. These are just such inspiring attributes for a young person to emulate.”

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