Ecole Providence students commemorate family members and locals who served

Providence students and staff with guests of honour Sylvia D’Aoust and Yvonne Sawchyn at the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony, November 9.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Grade 5 and 6 students took charge of Ecole Providence Remembrance Day assembly, with McLennan Royal Canadian Legion members Yvonne Sawchyn and Sylvie D’Aoust as guests of honour.

To prepare for the occasion, students were asked to research a relative or local person who served in a conflict overseas with the Canadian Armed Forces.

On the day of the commemoration, the kids got stood before the assembly and told the story of the person they had chosen to research.

“We wanted to bring the students closer to the reality of the sacrifices veterans make and give the kids a personal perspective through a relative or local person,” says principal Krista Veitch. “It means more to the kids if they put it in a family or local context.”

The song “A Pittance of Time played while a montage of photographs and video from various conflicts d unfolded on the screen in the gym.

The students also made a Remembrance Day poster with the photographs of local veterans mounted above a field of poppies.

To conclude the Remembrance Day ceremony the assembly sang St. Francis’ ‘Prayer of Peace.’

“The kids are very proud of their relatives and local people who served in the military,” says Veitch. “And they respect that Remembrance Day is a solemn occasion and always behave appropriately. I am really proud of them.”

Grade 5 student Layton Willier (left) and Grade 4 student Ashton Jones placing a wreath at Ecole Providence Remembrance Day ceremony.


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