Proposed car cleanup at McLennan

Residents in McLennan may have a chance to get rid of their old, unused vehicles in the near future.

CAO Lorraine Willier told council at its Sept. 11 meeting the she contacted McSteel Salvage and Cleanup in High Prairie about an idea she had.

“I called McSteel to see if they would come to McLennan as we have some residents that have old unregistered vehicles in their yards and we’re trying to get residents to clean up,” says Willier.

McSteel says they would not charge council if there were 30 or more vehicles to pick up. Less than that a charge would apply.

“I haven’t had a chance to send letters out yet. We have to get the vehicles to one location, preferably by the town shop and that I think might be a challenge,” says Willier.

Any plan must be approved by council before proceeding.

Willier continues to work on the proposal.

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