Peace River Fire Chief highlights calls for service in 2018

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Town of Peace River’s fire department responded to 240 calls for service in Peace River in 2018, with a total of 1,233 man hours required for those calls.

Fire Chief Tim Harris submitted these figures to council during their meeting on January 7.

“Although the greatest number of calls for the department were alarm calls, this doesn’t truly represent the activities of the department,” says Harris.

“When looking at the man hours for responses, fires and motor vehicle collisions account for 72 per cent of the man hours.”

Here is a breakdown of the calls for service and their associated man hours:

. Airport responses: 1, 1 man hour.
. Alarm calls: 81, 94 man hours.
. Exterior fires: 23, 160 man hours.
. Structure fires: 14, 413 man hours.
. Vehicle fires: 3, 47 man hours.
. Hazmat responses: 8, 39 man hours.
. Medical responses: 39, 150 man hours.
. Motor Vehicle Collisions: 49, 269 man hours.
. Technical rescues: 9, 33 man hours.
. Miscellaneous: 13, 27 man hours.

Note that miscellaneous includes floods, power lines down, service calls etc.

Also, all data provided above is for calls within the Town of Peace River, the department also responded to 34 calls in the County of Northern Lights and other surrounding municipalities under mutual aid agreements.

There are no trends in calls for services that Harris has concerns for.

In addition to the Fire Chief, the Peace River Fire Department has two full-time captains and 35 volunteer officers and firefighters.

There is one fire hall in downtown Peace River and another in the West Hill Industrial area near Canadian Tire.


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