Poll rejects Alberta sales tax

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Alberta government to absolutely close the door on a provincial sales tax [PST].

The stand comes after a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute that shows a clear majority of Albertans reject a PST.

“Another poll shows that Albertans are dead set against a crippling provincial sales tax,” says Franco Terrazzano, the CTF’s Alberta director.

“Albertans don’t want a PST and it’s time for Premier Jason Kenney to completely shut the door on the out-of-touch calls for a sales tax so we can all focus on more important priorities.”

A poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute shows that 62 per cent of Albertans do not support a PST. Only three per cent of Albertans would support a PST that is higher than five per cent.

Among United Conservative voters, 76 per cent completely reject a PST. Among “other” voters [not UCP or NDP], 78 per cent do not support a PST.

Lower income Albertans are more likely to oppose a sales tax, with 65 per cent of Albertans earning less than $50,000 opposing a PST.

The Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act requires politicians [the government] to hold a referendum before they can implement a PST.

Kenney confirmed to the CTF that as long as he is premier he would uphold the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act.

“The UCP were sent to Edmonton to fix the spending problem, they weren’t sent to the legislature so they could have their turn reaching deeper into our pockets and that’s why it’s time for Kenney to outright reject a PST,” says Terrazzano.

“The people don’t want a sales tax and it’s time for all MLAs to stand up for taxpayers and put the sales tax talk to bed.”

  • Courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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