Pleasantview salutes seniors

Pleasantview Lodge in High Prairie hosted a seniors’ barbecue June 9 to celebrate Seniors’ Week from June 6-12. Hotdogs, chili and salads were served. After lunch, seniors enjoyed an afternoon of socializing and playing games like bocce, Rummikub and bean bag toss.

Three women enjoy the barbecue lunch at Pleasantview Lodge. Left-right, are Connie Bagg, Pauline Lavell and lodge resident Debbie Newman.
Ladies get ready to play Rummikab. Left-right, are Donella Hart and lodge residents Arlette Barrette and Evelyn Henry.
Bocce was a fun games for two lodge residents. Ann Sackville, left, tossed the bocce ball while Robert Goulet watches and waits for his turn.

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