Pirates win against Comets and Regals, but forefeit opener

He shoots … and scores! Captain Pat Rowan of the Falher Pirates managed to acquire the puck near the 14-minute mark of the third period. Rowan took it down the ice and fired it high into the Comets’ net, giving the Pirates their eighth goal of the game. Jeff Chalifoux and Brian Sommers received the assist.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Falher Pirates managed a victory at home in the evening November 9, winning handily against the Manning Comets.

However, this was tempered by the fact that the Pirates have forfeit the game they played against the Grimshaw Huskies a week earlier.

Bo Assmussen opened the scoring for the Comets at 3:41 in the first period, with Thomas Dechant assisting.

But Dallas Brochu tied the score at one-all at 5:29, with Joel Pelletier and Darren Kramer assisting. Less than two minutes later, Dakota Mason put the Pirates ahead with his goal; Captain Pat Rowan and Trevor Mazurek assisted.

The Pirates wrapped up the first period with Mazurek’s goal at 19:17. Rowan received his second assist of the game, and Mason received one as well.

However, at the beginning of the second period, Mazurek received a five-minute penalty for slashing.

This allowed the Comets to even the score with two power play goals. Josh Rutherford scored the first at 27 seconds, with Dechant receiving his second assist and Taylor Paulovich assisting.

Then Adam Larsen scored the equalizer at 4:05, with Michael Gillen and Jason Lambert assisting. However, the Comets’ efforts at a rally were short-lived.

At 13:07, Captain Pat Rowan scored his first goal of the game, putting the puck in from the side. Mason received another assist and Brent Sommers received one as well.

Just over a minute later, Dallas Brochu scored his second goal on the power play, with Kramer receiving his second assist of the game and Koltin Caron receiving one as well.

The score was 5-3 in favour of the Pirates at the end of the first period.

The Pirates owned the third period, conducting an onslaught against the Comets’ net that they couldn’t recover from.

Kramer scored a goal with assistance by Dallas Brochu at 4:16.

Then Rutherford scored his second goal of the game at 7:37, flicking the puck into the net. Gillen received his second assist of the game, as did Paulovich.

That was the extent of the Comets’ scoring, as the Pirates dominated the rest the period.

Kramer scored his second goal of the game at 10:24, with Bailey Tokarz and Dallas Brochu sharing the spotlight. Thirty-six seconds later, Mason scored his second goal of the game, with Brent Sommers and Rowan each receiving their second assists of the game.

Near the 14-minte mark, Rowan got control of the puck, took down the ice and fired it high into the Comets’ net. Mason received his third assist of the game, while Rollie Gladue also received one. See the photo above for the goal.

At 17:46, Sommers scored the Pirates’ tenth goal, with assistance by Joel Pelletier and Koltin Caron. Then Dallas Brochu scored the team’s final goal at 18:06, with Dallas Brochu and Rollie Gladue assisting.

The Pirates won the game by a score of 11-4. Shots on goal for the game were 48-25 in favour of the Pirates.

However, this victory was eclipsed by the fact that the Pirates have forfeited their game against the Huskies on week earlier. This was due to using an unregistered player in that game.

Game against the High Prairie Regals

The Pirates travelled to High Prairie in the evening of November 15 to play against the Regals. This game ended in a 10-4 victory for the Pirates.

Scoring for the Regals in the first period were Damian Cardinal (power play goal) and Jacob Anderson.

Darren Kramer scored for the Pirates in the first period.

The Pirates dominated the second period with seven goals. Brian Sommers scored one regular and one power play goal. Kevin Monfette also scored a power play goal.

The others scoring regular goals were Dallas Brochu, Dakota Mason, Jeff Chalifoux and Taylor Cote.

In the third period, Lawrence Anderson and Damian Cardinal scored for the Regals.

The Pirates wrapped up the game with two more goals, one each by Rocky Collins and Brian Sommers.

The final score was 10-4 in favour of the Pirates. Shots on goal for the game were 43-33 in favour of the Pirates.

The Pirates hosted the Grande Prairie Athletics in the evening of November 16.

Pirates netminder Kent Ryan had a good night, allowing only four goals.


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